Shimla District History Question Answer

Shimla District History Question Answer

||Shimla District History Question Answer||Shimla Distt History Question Answer MCQ In English||

Shimla District History Question Answer

1. Who was the first Governor General to reside (to come) in Shimla?

(A) Lord Mayo

(B) Lord Cornwallis

(C) Lord Amherst

(D) Lord Dalhousie

2.Bantni Kothi of Shimla city which was used as summer palace belonged to which princely state?

(A) Jubbal

(B) Keonthal

(C) Patiala

(D) Sirmour 

3.Which was the smallest princely state among the Shimla hill states?

(A) Balsan

(B) Bhajji

(C) Ratesh

(D) Khaneti

4.Who founded the Balsan princely state in the 12th century?

(A) Ran Bahadur Singh

(B) Jograj Singh

(C) Alak Singh

(D) none of these

5.Whose Thakuraiyan (Jaildaris) were 'Khaneti' and 'Delath'?

(A) Keonthal

(B) Jubbal

(C) Rampur Bushahr

(D) quota

6.Who founded the princely state of Bushahr in the Upper Sutlej valley?

(A) Devpal

(B) Lord Krishna

(C) Pradyumna

(D) Vishweshwar

7.'Mahalog', one of the 12 Thakurai, was founded by which prince of Ayodhya?

(A) Mahan Chand

(B) Hari Chand

(C) Narpati

(D) Prithvi Chand

8.Dhami was the vassal of which princely state before the Gorkha invasion (1805 AD)?

(A) Bushahr

(B) Sirmour

(C) Kahlur

(D) Suket

Answer: (C) Kahlur

9.When did the Dhami bullet incident happen?

(A) 1933

(B) 1936

(C) 1939

(D) 1940

10.Who founded the princely state of Keonthal in 1211 AD?

(A) Virsen

(B) Girisen

(C) Raghunath Sen

(D) Sansarsen

11.Who was the king of Keonthal during the revolt of 1857 AD?

(A) Hitender Sen

(B) Raghunath Sen

(C) Sansar Sen

(D) Girisen

12.Which of the following was a branch of the princely state of Tharoch?

(A) Khaneti

(B) Delath

(C) Dhadhi

(D) Ratesh

13.Which of the following is considered to be the oldest of the hill states of Shimla?

(A) Jubbal

(B) Keonthal

(C) Bushahr

(D) Baghat

14.Which king of Bushahr princely state was honored with the title of 'Chhatrapati' by Aurangzeb?

(A) Ram Singh

(B) Chatar Singh

(C) Kehri Singh

(D) Shamsher Singh

15.Which princely states/princes were the jagirs/jagirs of whythal princely state?

(A) quota

(B) knob

(C) Madhan

(D) All these

16.In which year was the capital of Punjab shifted from Shimla to Chandigarh?

(A) 1950 AD

(B) 1955 AD

(C) 1953 AD

(D) 1966 AD

17.Which king made Rampur the capital of his princely state Bushahr?

(A) Kehri Singh

(B) Vijay Singh

(C) Uday Singh

(D) Ram Singh

18.Bushahr was the ancestral vizier of three families to assist the king. One of them was the Kohl family. Where did this family come from?

(A) Kullu

(B) Garhwal

(C) Kinnaur

(D) Jubbal

19.Which king of Kumar Sen captured Shangri and defeated the king of Kullu at Karangla and Nagi?

(A) Madan Singh

(B) Kehar Singh

(C) Pritam Singh

(D) Ajmer Singh

20.Who designated Shimla as the summer capital of the British Empire in India?

(A) Lord Canning

(B) Lord Elgin

(C) Sir John Lawrence

(D) Lord Lytton

21.Mahatma Gandhi came to Shimla for the first time in 1921 and where did he stay?

(A) Shanti Kuti

(B) Rothney Castle

(C) Idgah

(D) Peter Hoff

22.Who started the movement against the 'Begar system' in Shimla?

(A) Bhagmal Sontha

(B) Samuel Stocks

(C) Dr. Y. s. Parmar

(D) Bhulabhai Desai

23.Who was the last ruler of Bushahr princely state?

(A) Sansar Chand

(B) Devendra Singh

(C) Ishwar Sen

(D) Padam Singh

24.Which princely state of Himachal Pradesh, by a treaty made in the 17th century, retreated the territory of Tibet to its present extent?

(A) Nalagarh

(B) Suket

(C) Bushahr

(D) Chamba

||Shimla District History Question Answer||Shimla Distt History Question Answer MCQ In English||

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