Important Question Answer For HPSSC JE Civil Exam Set-2

Important Question Answer For HPSSC JE Civil Exam Set-2

 ||Important Subject Related  Question Answer For HPSSC JE Civil Exam Set-2||Important Question Answer For HPSSSB Hamirpur Junior Engineer Civil Exam Set-2||

Important Question Answer For HPSSC JE Civil Exam Set-2

 1. Granite is a type of

(a) Acid rocks

(b) Intermediate rocks

(c) Basic rocks

(d) Ultra-basic rocks

2. In followings, which of the structural matter has highest specific gravity?

(a) Glass

(b) Aluminium

(c) Steel

(d) Lead

3. For nominal thickness of less than 3 mm what should be the dimensional tolerance of sheet glass?

(a) ±1.0 mm

(b) ±1.5 mm

(c) ±2.0 mm

(d) ±3.0 mm

4. For varnishes, which of the following resin is used to make turpentine solvent?

(a) Copal

(b) Shellac

(c) Gum dammar

(d) Amber

5. Which of the following is not a moulding method for fabrication of plastic articles?

(a) Hand moulding

(b) Compression moulding

(c) Jet moulding

(d) Transfer moulding

6. In drying process of a timber, at the fiber saturation point

(a) Cell walls have no saturation

(b) Cell cavity have full saturation

(c) Shrinkage of timber occurs

(d) Cell walls have full saturation

7. The water absorption test in bricks is specified by IS: 3495 (Part-III). When this test is conducted in "cold water" for 24 hours immersion, the mass of brick is measured with respective of temperatures

(a) 115-125°C and then 30±2°C

(b) 105-115°C and then 27±2°C

(c) 85-95°C and then 27±2°C

(d) 105-115°C and then 30±2°C

8. The rapid hardening cement attains strength at the same water-cement ratio.

(a) Four-times

(b) Two-times

(c) Three-times

(d) Constant

9. Choose correct option in followings having appropriate sequence with respect to carbon content.

(a) Tar> Bitumen > Asphalt

(b) Asphalt > Tar > Bitumen

(c) Bitumen > Tar > Asphalt

(d) Tar> Asphalt > Bitumen

10. To make Portland-pozzolana cement, the minimum specific surface of grade-I fly ash should be

(a) 3600 cm²/g

(b) 3800 cm²/g

(c) 2500 cm²/g

(d) 3200 cm²/g

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