Computer Questions Answers for Competitive Exams Set-14

 Computer Questions  Answers for Competitive Exams Set-14

||Computer Questions  and Answers for Competitive Exams Set-14||Computer Questions  Answers for JOA IT,Computer operator & other exams||important computer related question answer|| 

Computer Questions  Answers for Competitive Exams Set-14

1. Any data or instruction entered into the memory of a computer is considered as 

A. Output 

B. Storage 

C. Information 

D. Input


2. GUI stands for 

A. Graphical Unique Interface 

B. Graph Use Interface 

C. Graphical User Interface 

D. Graphical Universal Interface 

3. Which of the following circuit is used as a 'Memory device' in computers? 

A. Attenuator 

B. Rectifier 

C. Comparator 

D. Flip Flop


4. Time during which a job is processed by the computer is: 

A. Waiting Time 

B. Execution Time 

C. Real Time 

D. Delay Time 

5.Which one of the following is not an application software package?  

A. Adobe Pagemaker 

B. Microsoft Office 

C. Red Hat Linux

D. Open Office 

6. The memory sizes in mainframe computers and advanced technology micro computer are expressed as 

A. Bits 

B. Bytes 

C. Kilobytes 

D. Megabytes 

 7. An error is also known as: 

A. Bug 

B. Debug 

C. Cursor 

D. Icon 

 8. Which of the following statement is wrong? 

A. Photoshop is a graphical design tool by Adobe 

B. Linux is free and open source software 

C. Linux is owned and sold by Microsoft 

D. Windows XP is an operating system 

9. Who invented the supercomputer? 

A. Charles Babbage 

B. JH Van Tassell 

C. Charles Ginsberg 

D. Seymour Cray 

10. Microsoft Word is an example of 

A. an operating system 

B. Processing device 

C. Application software

 D. an input device 

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