Important Question Answer For HPSSC JE Civil Exam Set-4

Important Question Answer For HPSSC JE Civil Exam Set-4

 ||Important Subject Related  Question Answer For HPSSC JE Civil Exam Set-4||Important Question Answer For HPSSSB Hamirpur Junior Engineer Civil Exam Set-4||

Important Question Answer For HPSSC JE Civil Exam Set-4

 1. A simply supported rolled steel joist 8 m long carries a uniformly distributed load over it span so that the maximum bending stress is 75 N/mm². If the slope at the ends is 0.005 radian and the value of E = 0.2 × 106 N/mm², the depth of the joist, is 

A.100 mm 

B. 200 mm 

C. 350 mm 

D. 400 mm 

 2.Shear strain energy theory for the failure of a material at elastic limit, is due to 

A. Guest or Trecas

B. Rankine  

C. Von Mises 

D. St. Venant 

 3. The maximum magnitude of shear stress due to shear force F on a rectangular section of area A at the neutral axis, is 

A. F/2A 

B. F/A 

C. 2F/3A 

D. 3F/2A 

4. A short column (30 cm × 20 cm) carries a load P 1 at 4 cm on one side and another load P2at 8 cm on the other side along a principal section parallel to longer dimension. If the extreme intensity on either side is same, the ratio of P1 to P2 will be 

A. 1/3 

B. 5/2 

C. 8/5 

D. 3/8 

 5. A compound truss may be formed by connecting two simple rigid frames, by 

A. Two bars 

B. Three parallel bars 

C. Three  bars 

D. Three bars intersecting at a point

 6. constant, depth of a cantilever of length of uniform strength loaded with Keeping breadth uniformly distributed load varies from zero at the free end and 

A. l) at the fixed end 

B. 2w w l at the fixed end 

C. 3w l at the fixed end 

D. w l) at the fixed end 

7. If a three hinged parabolic arch, (span l, rise h) is carrying a uniformly distributed load w/unit length over the entire span,

A. B.M. will be zero throughout 

B. S.F. will be zero throughout 

C. Horizontal thrust is wl2/8h 

D. All the above

8. A cantilever of length ‘L’ is subjected to a bending moment ‘M’ at its free end. If EI is the flexural rigidity of the section, the deflection of the free end, is

 A. ML/2EI 


C. ML²/3EI 

D. ML²/2EI 

 9. In the truss, the force in the member AC is 

A. 8.75 t tensile 

B. 6.25 t compressive 

C. t compressive

D. t tensile 

 10. A cantilever of length 2 cm and depth 10 cm tapers in plan from a width 24 cm to zero at its free end. If the modulus of elasticity of the material is 0.2 × 106 N/mm², the deflection of the free end, is 

A. 1 mm 

B. 2 mm 

C. 3 mm 

D. 5 mm 

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