Solved HPSSC Junior Draughtsman Post Code-800 Question Paper 2021

 Solved HPSSC Junior Draughtsman Post Code-800 Question Paper 2021

||Solved HPSSC Junior Draughtsman Post Code-800 Question Paper 2021||Solved HPSSSB Hamirpur Junior Draughtsman Post Code-800 Previous Year Question Paper 2021||HPSSC Junior Draughtsman  Previous Paper with Answer key||

Solved HPSSC Junior Draughtsman Post Code-800 Question Paper 2021

1. What is the trimmed size of A3 drawing sheet ?

 (A) 594 × 841 mm (B) 420 × 594 mm  (C) 297 × 420 mm (D) None of these

2. What is the standard size of title block ?

 (A) 150 × 50 mm (B) 165 × 55 mm (C) 185 × 65 mm (D) None of these

3. Which graphical device is used to convert one unit to another unit ?

 (A) Plain scale (B) Vernier scale  (C) Diagonal scale (D) Comparative scale

4. When the drawing is drawn of the same size as that of the object, the scale used is

 (A) Diagonal scale (B) Vernier scale  (C) Enlarged scale (D) None of these

5. The width of landing should be ______ the width of stair.

 (A) equal to (B) less than (C) greater than (D) None of these

6. The overall effect produced by elevation & general layout of the plan is known as

 (A) Economy (B) Elegance (C) Flexibility (D) All of these

7. Access on internal through fares between rooms of the same floor or between floors is known as

 (A) Prospect (B) Circulation (C) Both (A) & (B) (D) None of these

8. The area, forming an integral part of the plot, left open to the sky is known as

 (A) Plot (B) Open space (C) Basement (D) Porch

9. The horizontal projection to serve as passage on sitting out place including a hand rail is known as

 (A) Corridor (B) Porch (C) Storey (D) Balcony

10. Diameter of longitudinal bars should not be less than

 (A) 50 mm (B) 45 mm (C) 30 mm (D) 12 mm

11. Name the test to determine the toughness of stone.

 (A) Smith test (B) Impact test  (C) Attrition test (D) Microscopic test

12. What is the weight of steel per cubic metre ?

 (A) 7050 kg (B) 7850 kg (C) 8050 kg (D) 8250 kg

13. Which masonry is provided with metal clamps, dowel and lead plugs ?

 (A) Stone masonry (B) Composite masonry  (C) Brick squint junction (D) Reinforced brick masonry

14. Foundation consider in which structure ?

 (A) Super structure (B) Sub structure (C) Top structure (D) None of these

15. If thickness of wall is 300 mm, what is width of foundation bed ?

 (A) 900 mm (B) 600 mm (C) 700 mm (D) 1200 mm

16. What is the recommended height of masonry in line mortar raised per day to avoid unequal settlement ?

 (A) 0.60 m (B) 1.0 m (C) 1.20 m (D) 1.5 m

17. Which is the process of placing new foundation below an existing foundation ?

 (A) Shoring (B) Shuttering (C) Scaffolding (D) None of these

18. What is the type of shore used if lower part of a wall became defective ?

 (A) Dead shore (B) Raking shore (C) Flying shore (Single) (D) Flying shore double

19. Which type of pile driven at an inclination to resist the large horizontal and inclined forces ?

 (A) Sheet pile (B) Batter pile (C) Fender pile (D) Anchor pile

20. Which is a reduced scale ?

 (A) 3 : 1 (B) 10 : 1 (C) 100 : 10 (D) None of these

21. Which is the universal graphical language of engineers to communicate ?

 (A) Arts Drawing (B) French language (C) English language (D) None of these

22. Which is the classification of argillaceous rock ?

 (A) Practical (B) Physical (C) Chemical (D) Geological

23. How the letters and numbers are designated ?

 (A) By Width (B) By Height  (C) By Thickness (D) By Height and Width

24. What is the correct method of dimensioning radius ?

 (A) 30r (B) 30R (C) R = 30 (D) R30

25. Name the quadrilateral that has equal sides parallel and their diagonal intersection at right angles

 (A) Parallelogram (B) Trapezoid (C) Rectangle (D) Rhombus

26. What is the elevation of a Cone if its base is resting on Horizontal Plane ?

 (A) Triangle (B) Ellipse (C) Circle (D) Rectangle

27. Which anti termite treatment is provided for 5 to 7.5 cm thickness of concrete layer ?

 (A) Soil Treatment (B) Pre construction treatment (C) Structural barrier treatment (D) Post construction treatment

28. In which quadrant, a line is placed parallel to HP and VP and it is situated 25 mm above HP and 30 mm in front of VP ?

 (A) Fourth (B) Third (C) First (D) Second

29. What is safe bearing capacity of soil ?

 (A) Ultimate bearing capacity/Factor of safety

 (B) Safe load/Working load

 (C) Working load/Safe load

 (D) Factor of safety/Ultimate bearing capacity

30. What is the range of percentage in wall area that is less in square plan on

comparing a rectangular plan ?

 (A) 5% to 10% (B) 10% to l5% (C) 15% to 25% (D) 25% to 35%

31. How much recommended ventilation of Air / M3 / Hr / person for an office accommodation ?

 (A) 17 (B) 22 (C) 20 (D) 25

32. How far is the building line from a national highway as per building by-law ?

 (A) 30 m (B) 20 m (C) 10 m (D) 15 m

||Solved HPSSC Junior Draughtsman Post Code-800 Question Paper 2021||Solved HPSSSB Hamirpur Junior Draughtsman Post Code-800 Previous Year Question Paper 2021||HPSSC Junior Draughtsman  Previous Paper with Answer key||

33. What is the maximum permissible covered area if plot 800 m2 as per building by-law ?

 (A) 60% of site area (B) 45% of site area  (C) 50% of site area (D) 40% of site area

34. Which group of principle in basic landscaping contains plants, gradients and structures that work harmoniously together ?

 (A) Variety (B) Unity (C) Balance (D) Proportion

35. What is the basic Auto CAD command if the output creates a repeating pattern of selected objects ?

 (A) Fillet (B) Stretch (C) Array  (D) Chamfer

36. Which is the group of educational building as per building by-law ?

 (A) Group B (B) Group A (C) Group C (D) Group D

37. What is the area of medium size park ?

 (A) Not less than 6 hectares (B) Not less than 8 hectares

 (C) Not less than 12 hectares (D) Not less than 10 hectares

38. What is the transverse reinforcement spacing for column ?

 (A) 25 times of main rod (B) 16 times of main rod (C) 20 times of main rod (D) 22 times of main rod

39. What is the percentage of steel reinforcement for beam ?

 (A) 3 to 4% (B) 2 to 3% (C) 0.5 to 1% (D) 1 to 2%

40. What is the weight per metre length of 12 mm diameter reinforced bar ?

 (A) 0.95 kg (B) 0.75 kg (C) 1.58 kg (D) None of these

41. What is the compressive strength of 1:2:4 concrete ?

 (A) 15 N/mm2 (B) 12 N/mm2 (C) 10 N/mm2 (D) 18 N/mm2

42. What is the percentage of deformed bars of minimum reinforcement for the one way slab with respect to their cross-sectional area ?

 (A) 0.15% (B) 0.18% (C) 0.12% (D) 0.22%

43. What is the minimum base width of a cantilever R.C.C retaining wall ?

 (A) 20 cm (B) 35 cm (C) 40 cm (D) 45 cm

44. What is called as distribution of pressure available at tail end ?

 (A) Back-flow (B) Residual head  (C) Back syphonage (D) Available head

45. How much wind force commonly resist a framed building ?

 (A) 130 kg/m2 (B) 100 kg/m2 (C) 125 kg/m2 (D) 75 kg/m2

46. What is the name of sewer constructed lower than the adjacent section at an abstraction ?

 (A) Relief sewer (B) Depressed sewer (C) Out fall sewer (D) Intercepting sewer

47. Which command is used to cut a line ?

 (A) Offset (B) Extend (C) Insert (D) None of these

48. X related to which command ?

 (A) Break (B) Circle (C) Divide (D) Explode

49. The fire in wood, cloth, paper comes under which category ?

 (A) A - Category (B) B - Category (C) C - Category (D) D - Category

50. At which direction in a day we get maximum sunlight ?

 (A) South (B) West (C) North (D) East

51. The curvature of the earth is ignored in 
 (A) Geodetic Survey (B) Land Survey (C) Hydrographic Surveying (D) None of these 

52. Surveys which depict the natural features of the country are known as 
 (A) Cadastral Survey (B) Topographical Survey (C) Engineering Survey (D) Hydrographical Survey 

 53. The lateral measurement taken from an object to the chain line is known as 
 (A) Check line (B) Base line (C) Station (D) None of these 

 54. In III quadrant, R.B is given by 
 (A) W.C.B (B) 180°-W.C.B (C) W.C.B.-180° (D) 360°-W.C.B 

55. Assuming that a draftsman can plot a distance as small as 0.25 mm, and the scale of plotting is 1 in 10,000, the distance in the field can be measured to the nearest. 
 (A) 0.25 m (B) 2.5 m (C) 0.025 m (D) 25.0 m 

 56. The actual length of a line measured with a chain was known to be 75 meters. When measured with a 20 metre chain, the length was measured as 75.4 meters, the actual length of the chain is 
 (A) 19.7 m (B) 19.8 m (C) 20.1 m (D) 20.4 m 

 57. Creep of rails is prevented by using
 (A) Anti-corrosive system (B) Anti-Creepers (C) Anti-buckling system (D) All of these 

 58. In case of deck bridge, the platform of the bridge is supported 
 (A) At the top of the bridge (B) At the bottom of the bridge (C) At the side of the bridge (D) None of these 

59. As per I.R.C. the camber on cement concrete road should be 
 (A) 1 in 5 to 6 (B) 1 in 50 to 60 (C) 1 in 45 to 60 (D) 1 in 12 to 16 I.R.C. 

 60. 10 cubic meters of 1:2:4 concrete contains of sand volume
 (A) 5 m3 (B) 3 m3 (C) 4.4 m3 (D) 8.5 m3 

61. Generally areas less than _______ are treated as plane. 
 (A) 200 sq.m (B) 260 (C) 250 sq.m (D) None of these 

 62. In metric chain, one metre length is divided into 
 (A) 2 Links (B) 3 Links (C) 8 Links (D) 5 Links 

63. The proportion of the distance on map to the corresponding distance on ground is known as 
 (A) Scale (B) Reconnaissance (C) Representative Fraction (D) Fraction of Represent 

 64. Planimeter is used for measuring
 (A) Length (B) Height (C) Area (D) Volume

 65. The lines joining places of equal declination are known as 
 (A) Plain lines (B) Ditto lines (C) Isogonic lines (D) Hidden lines

 66. The smallest division on the I.S.I. levelling staff is equal to
 (A) 10 cm (B) 15 mm (C) 5 mm (D) 20 mm 

 67. _______ is the common instrument used for contouring in a hilly area. 
 (A) Pentameter (B) Tachometer (C) Decheometer (D) None of these 

 68. Contour interval should be in _______ ratio to the scale of the map. 
 (A) Inverse (B) Out verse (C) Mid verse (D) End verse 

 69. A simple circular curve is designated by 
 (A) Degree of curve (B) Length of curve (C) Direction of curve (D) None of these 

 70. A vertical curve having convexity ________ is known as summit curve. 
 (A) Downward (B) Straight ward (C) Slope ward (D) None of these 

 71. W.C.B 77035' to reduced bearing is 
 (A) N 770 35'E (B) S 770 35'W (C) N 770 35'S (D) E 770 35'W 

72. The lower horizontal member of door leaf is called 
 (A) Top rail (B) Mid rail (C) Lock rail (D) None of these 

 73. Planning of a building means _____ thinking of arrangement of different items in a building. 
 (A) Post (B) Pre (C) No (D) None of these 

 74. Service lane is the lane provided at the ____ of a plot for service purposes.
 (A) Side (B) Centre (C) Back (D) Top

75. The full form of A.P.M. is
 (A) Adjustable Proportional Module (B) Adjustable Proportional Mortar (C) Both (A) & (B) (D) None of these 

 76. The part of the building below the ground level is called 
 (A) Super structure (B) Sub structure (C) Over structure (D) None of these

77. The unit of measurement for 10 cm thick brick wall is 
 (A) Cubic meter (B) Per meter (C) Per centimetre (D) None of these 

78. The sum of interior angles of closed traverse is 
 (A) (2n – 4) × 90 (B) (n – 4) × 90 (C) (2n + 4) × 90 (D) None of these 

 79. For surveying purpose, which of the following triangle is considered to be the best well Conditional triangle ? 
 (A) Right Angle Triangle (B) Any angle (C) Equilateral Triangle (D) None of these 

 80. ________ is the verge height of the sea for all stages of the tides.
 (A) Elevation (B) Bench mark (C) Datum (D) Mean sea level 

81. Chain survey is recommended when the area is
 (A) Crowded (B) Undulating (C) Simple and fairly level (D) Hilly terrain 

 82. The term used by CAD system for “Rounding corners” is 
 (A) Chamfer (B) Curve (C) Fillet (D) Smooth 

||Solved HPSSC Junior Draughtsman Post Code-800 Question Paper 2021||Solved HPSSSB Hamirpur Junior Draughtsman Post Code-800 Previous Year Question Paper 2021||HPSSC Junior Draughtsman  Previous Paper with Answer key|| 

83. GPS stands for
 (A) Global Positioning Style (B) Global Positioning System (C) General Piece System (D) None of these 

 84. The built-up covered area measured at the floor level of the basement of any storey is called 
 (A) Covered area (B) Open space (C) Yard (D) Plinth level 

 85. The height of road is increased by filling the natural ground is called 
 (A) Macadam (B) Embankment (C) Grouted macadam (D) Water bound macadam 

86. The horizontal distance between any two adjacent riser in a stair is called 
 (A) Going or Run (B) Nosing (C) Bull Nose Step (D) None of these 

87. The sloping members supporting the steps of the stair is called 
 (A) Stringer (B) Ballaster (C) Winder (D) Pitch

 88. The end of a sloping roof finished in vertical triangular is called 
 (A) Tipped roof (B) Gable (C) Battens (D) Cleat 

 89. A wall which supports no load other than its own weight is called 
 (A) Load bearing wall (B) Partition wall (C) Parapet wall (D) None of these 

 90. The excavation of foundation is done according to the _____ and depth. 
 (A) Length (B) Width (C) Area (D) Size 

91. Brick joints are fitted with mortar and thickness of joint should not be less than 
 (A) 5 mm (B) 3 mm (C) 7 mm (D) 6 mm

 92. ______ is the distance between the surface bars and the surface of concrete. 
 (A) R.C.C. (B) P.C.C. (C) Iron (D) None of these 

 93. Reinforced bars are jointed together in case the span is more than their length 
 (A) Cranked bar (B) Straight bar (C) Earthquake bar (D) Overlap joint

94. The radial joints of mortar of an arch are called 
 (A) Spandril joint (B) Bed joint (C) Face joint (D) Key joint

 95. The external corner of a wall is known as 
 (A) Quoin (B) Header (C) Stretcher (D) Course 

 96. The interior wall portion between the facing and backing is called 
 (A) Queen closer (B) Blocking course (C) Cross joint (D) Hearting 

 97. A standard brick having its both the edges rounded off at its end is called 
 (A) Bull Nose (B) Laps Nose (C) Corbel (D) Cow Nose

 98. Chemical formula slaking of lime is
 (A) CaO + H2O = Ca(OH)2 
 (B) CaO + HO = Ca(OH)2 
 (C) CaO + H2O = Ca2 (OH) 
(D) CaO + H2O = Ca(OH) 

99. The art of projecting the views at right angle is known as 
 (A) Orthographic projection (B) Diametric projection (C) Oblique projection (D) Parallel projection 

100. The dimensions are placed perpendicular to the dimension line is called 
 (A) Aligned system (B) Direction system (C) Uni-directional system (D) None of these 

101. The ratio of the areas under the crops of two main seasons is called
 (A) Base period (B) Time factor (C) Peak flow ratio (D) Crop ratio 

102. The structure of timber consists of pith, heart wood, sap wood, annual rings and outer layer known as 
 (A) Outer wood (B) Outer surface wood (C) Hard wood (D) Bark

 103. The increase in volume of sand due to presence of surface moisture causes 
 (A) Bleeding (B) Harshness (C) Soundness (D) None of these 

 104. The size of B1 drawing boards as per BIS is 
 (A) 1.00 m × 1.50 m (B) 0.50 m × 0.70 m (C) 1.00 m × 0.70 m (D) 0.75 m × 1.20 m 

105. The highest point of the extrados of an arch is known as 
 (A) Rise (B) Haunch (C) Key stone (D) None of these 

 106. Construction work is allowed after receiving of 
 (A) Technical sanction (B) Contingencies (C) Record drawing (D) Prime cost 

 107. Unit of payment in brick work in cement, lime or mud mortar in foundation is
 (A) Sqm. (B) Cum. (C) Cu.ft. (D) Sft. 

 108. A form of an electronic theodolite combines with an
 (A) EDM (B) MDE (C) DEM (D) None of these 

 109. ______ consists of a series of sub-menus which contain specific input option which may be used during a particular job. 
 (A) Survey menu (B) Cogo menu (C) Function menu (D) None of these

 110. The process of finding the height of object without actually going to the top of the object is known as 

 111. _____ allows region to be measured. 
 (A) Topography (B) Cogo menu (C) Geography (D) None of these 

 112. ______ allows series of station used as to be calculated for closure. 
 (A) Collimation (B) Traverse adjustment (C) Remote elevation (D) None of these

 113. A solid having maximum number of faces is known as 
 (A) Tetrahedron (B) Triangular prism (C) Square pyramid (D) Cube 

 114. What is the full form of RDM ? 
 (A) Remote Distance Measurement 
(B) Remove Distance Measurement 
 (C) Both (A) & (B) 
(D) None of these 

 115. The suitable contour interval for a map with scale 1 : 10000 is 
 (A) 2 m (B) 5 m (C) 10 m (D) 20 m 

 116. The chart datum used by GPS navigation set
 (A) is always WGS-84 (B) is always the same (C) must be the same as for the chart being used (D) None of these 

 117. Which of the following are considered key elements of a paper map ?
 (A) Projection information (B) Scale bar of ratio (C) Annotation (D) All of these 

 118. ______ satellites will provide universal broad band internet access. 
 (A) GPS (B) Iridium (C) Teledesic (D) None of these 

119. Teledesic satellites are ____ satellites. 
 (A) GEO (B) MEO (C) LEO (D) None of these  

120. 15 m3 of 1:2:4 concrete contains of sand volume 
 (A) 5.00 m3 (B) 3.30 m3 (C) 6.60 m3 (D) 4.40 m3 

121. The State Tree of H.P. is 
 (A) Deodar (B) Fir (C) Spruce (D) Pine 

 122. Sex-ratio of H.P. as per census 2011 is 
 (A) 947 (B) 957 (C) 972 (D) 982 

123. Which district of H.P. has lowest number of electors ? 
 (A) Kinnaur (B) Lahaul-Spiti (C) Bilaspur (D) Hamirpur 

124. Which district of H.P. has highest road length ? 
 (A) Una (B) Mandi (C) Chamba (D) Kangra 

 125. Parbati Valley is located in which district of H.P. ? 
 (A) Kullu (B) Sirmour (C) Solan (D) Shimla 

 126. Which is the longest river of H.P. ? 
 (A) Ravi (B) Chenab (C) Beas (D) Satluj 

 127. Bachhretu fort is located at which place in H.P. ? 
 (A) Shahtalai (B) Shapur (C) Jaisinghpur (D) Nurpur 

 128. Which famous personality of H.P. was popularly known as ‘Chhota Raja’ ? 
 (A) Capt. Bakshi Partap Singh (B) General Zorawar Singh (C) Major Mehar Dass (D) Bakshi Satya Parkash 

 129. Ardhnarishwar temple is located at which place in H.P. ? 
 (A) Mandi (B) Nahan (C) Banjar (D) Rampur

130. Chamba town was founded by which of the following ? 
 (A) Champavati (B) Sahil Varman (C) Lakshman Varman (D) Meru Varman 

 131. Chamera hydroelectric project is built on which river ? 
 (A) Ravi (B) Beas (C) Satluj (D) Yamuna 

132. Which is popularly known as the ‘Land of Grapes’ in H.P. ? 
 (A) Moorang (B) Nicher (C) Nako (D) Ribba 

 133. Who was the first Vice Chancellor of H.P. University, Shimla ? 
 (A) Dr. R.K. Singh (B) Dr. H.R. Kalia (C) Dr. M.R. Thakur (D) None of these 

 134. ‘Mohna’ is one of the saddest songs of which district of H.P. ? 
 (A) Mandi (B) Chamba (C) Bilaspur (D) Hamirpur ‘

 135. ‘Bakayang’ folk dance is performed by the people of which district of H.P. ?
 (A) Kinnaur (B) Sirmour (C) Mandi (D) Kullu 

 136. As per the new guidelines issued recently regarding the Aarogya Setu App, what is the maximum number of days the data can be stored ?
 (A) 60 days (B) 90 days (C) 120 days (D) 180 days 

 137. Which Indian State has recently launched the new initiative ‘FIR Aapke Dwar Yojana’ ? 
 (A) MP (B) UP (C) HP (D) Odisha 

138. Betty Wright, who recently passed away, was associated with which profession ? 
 (A) Sports person (B) Singer (C) Politician (D) Scientist 

 139. Ankita Raina, who was in news recently, is associated with which sports ? 
 (A) Kabaddi (B) Football (C) Tennis (D) Baseball 

 140. Which Indian recently received the 128th ‘Commonwealth Points of light’ Award ? 
 (A) Jadav Payeng (B) Arvind Kejriwal (C) Kiran Bedi (D) None of these 

141. Which is different from the rest ? 
 (A) 23 (B) 27 (C) 29 (D) 31 

142. When a big cube of 20 cm side is divided into small cubes of 4 cm side, then how many such small cubes can be formed ?
 (A) 8 (B) 27 (C) 64 (D) 125 

143. What will come in place of question mark   B2S, F6P, J14M, ? .
 (A) N 30 I (B) M 24 I (C) N 30 J (D) P 24 J 21 

 144. Piyush walked 7 m in the direction of North and then he turned to his right and walked 6 m. After this he turned to his right and moved 15 m. Now how far is he from the starting point ? 
(A) 6 m (B) 8 m (C) 10 m (D) 12 m 

145. If starting from the 5th letter from the left of the English alphabet twelve letters are written in reverse order, which would be the 7th letter of the left of the 14th letter from the right ? 
 (A) M (B) H (C) L (D) None of these 

 146. Which is upaveda of Rigveda ?
 (A) Ayurveda (B) Shilpaveda (C) Gandharvaveda (D) Dhanurveda 

147. Which was the first Tirthankara ? 
 (A) Rishabhnath (B) Parsavanath (C) Vardhaman Mahavira (D) None of these 

 148. Which Delhi Sultan completed the construction of Qutub Minar ? 
 (A) Qutub-ud-din Aibak (B) Iltutmish (C) Razia Sultan (D) Balban 

149. The second capital of Humayun was at 
 (A) Agra (B) Gwalior (C) Dinpanah (D) None of these 

150. Ram Krishan Mission was founded by 
 (A) Raja Ram Mohan Roy (B) Dayanand Saraswati (C) Ram Krishan Paramhans (D) Swami Vivekananda 

 151. Which is called red planet ? 
 (A) Mars (B) Saturn (C) Mercury (D) Venus 

 152. Monsoon is a 
 (A) Permanent Wind (B) Seasonal Wind (C) Local Wind (D) None of these 

 153. The old name of Iraq was 
 (A) Madagascar (B) Mesopottamia (C) Malaya (D) Nippon

154. Which state has longest coastline ? 
 (A) Gujarat (B) Maharashtra (C) Tamil Nadu (D) Andhra Pradesh 

 155. Which is called Regur soil ? 
 (A) Black Soil (B) Red soil (C) Alluvial Soil (D) Laterite soil 

 156. At present, India has how many States ? 
 (A) 26 (B) 27 (C) 28 (D) 29 

157. Meaning of the writ ‘Mandamus’ is 
 (A) Have a body (B) The act of stopping something (C) What is your authority ? (D) We command 

 158. Who is the ex-officio Chairman of Rajya Sabha ? 
 (A) President (B) Prime Minister (C) Lok Sabha Speaker (D) Vice President 

 159. NREGA was enacted in which year ? 
 (A) 2005 (B) 2008 (C) 2010 (D) 2012 

160. Chemically washing soda is 
 (A) Sodium carbonate decahydrate (B) Sodium chloride (C) Sodium bicarbonate (D) None of these 

 161. Which acid is used for making photographic films ? 
 (A) Citric acid (B) Acetic acid (C) Tartaric acid (D) Malic acid 

 162. Ebola disease is caused by 
 (A) Fungus (B) Bacteria (C) Virus (D) Protozoa 

 163. One word substitution for ‘A thing or person behind time’ is 
 (A) Lazy (B) Sluggish (C) Indolent (D) Antiquated 

164. Antonym of ‘Contented’ is 
 (A) Rash (B) Narrow-minded (C) Gloomy (D) Disappointed 

165. Your friend died ______ over work. 
 (A) of (B) from (C) due to (D) with 

166. Correctly spelt word is 
 (A) Abeyance (B) Abeyence (C) Abiyance (D) Abiyence 

167. 'रंग बाँधना' मुहावरे का अर्थ है
(A) मेल मिलाना
(B), सुन्दर होना
(C) नशे में चूर होना 
(D) प्रभाव जमाना

168.'जो माँस न खाता हो' के लिए एक उपयुक्त शब्द है
(A) नेपथ्य
(B) निरामिष
(C) चिकीर्षा
(D) खल्वाट

169.'विकास' में प्रत्यय है।
(A) विक
(C) कास
(D) आस

170.'चिकित्सा' का विशेषण है
(A) चिकित्सक 
(B) चिकित्सीय
(C) चिकित्सिय
(D) चिकित्साय

||Solved HPSSC Junior Draughtsman Post Code-800 Question Paper 2021||Solved HPSSSB Hamirpur Junior Draughtsman Post Code-800 Previous Year Question Paper 2021||HPSSC Junior Draughtsman  Previous Paper with Answer key||

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