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Most Important Himachal Pradesh GK Question Answer In English -Part-69


Most Important Himachal Pradesh GK Question Answer In English -Part-69

||Most Important Himachal Pradesh GK Question Answer In English ||Most Important HP GK Question Answer In English -Part-69||Most Important HP GK Question Answer for hppsc||  

Most Important Himachal Pradesh GK Question Answer In English -Part-69

1414. Swangla, a scheduled tribe community in HP live in which valley of H.P. ?

(A) Kunihar

(B) Doon

(C) Kiarda Doon

 (D) Pattan

1415. Dehri monuments outside many Villages of H.P Are Symbol of

(A) Sati (B) Caste system (C) Urbanization (D) None of these

1416. The greatest revolutionary Sh. Yashpal belonged to which district of H.P.?

(A) Hamirpur

(B) Bilaspur

(C) Kangra

(D) Bilaspur

1417. Gondhla Castle is located in which district of H.P. ?

(A) Sirmour


(C) Mandi

(D) Lahaul-Spiti

1418. Who has the distinction of being the youngest in the world to climb Mount Everest in 1993 ?

(A) Dicky Dolma

(C) Suman Rawat

(B) Santosh Yadav

(D) P.T. Usha

1419. Which district of H.P. is largest producer of Ginger ?

(A) Shimla

(B) Sirmour

(C) Kullu

(D) Chamba

1420. Mahmood Ghazni plundered Nagarkot in which year ?

(A) 1009 AD

(B) 1016 AD

(C) 1025 AD 

(D) 1026 AD

1421. Dalai Lama came to Dharamshala in which year ?

(A) 1947 AD

(B) 1952 AD 

(C) 1959 AD

(D) 1962 AD

1422. The only dynasty which has its genesis in HP is

(A) Katoch (B) Varman (C) Sen (D) Chandel

1423. Who was the first Chief Justice of HP ?

(A) H. Beg

(B)M.C. Mahajan 

(C) V.K. Sharma

 (D) D.K. Sharma

1424. Which of the following was merged with HP in 1954?

(A) Sirmour (B) Chamba (C) Mandi (D) Bilaspur

1425. Mani Mahesh lake is situated in which district of HP ?

(A) Chamba

(B) Solan

(C) Hamirpur

(D) Bilaspur

1426. Suketi is a tributary of which river of HP?

(A) Beas


(C) Yamuna

(D) Ravi

1427. Tattapani, famous for hot water springs, is in which district of HP ?

(A) Mandi (B) Shimla (C) Kullu (D) Kangra

1428. Which mountain range separates Sirmaur from Shimla ?

(A) Churdhar (B) Dhauladhar (C) Shiwalik (D) Jaskar

1429.Part 'C' state Bilaspur was merged with HP on

(A)1 July, 1954 (B) 1 Sept, 1960 (C) 1 July, 1966 (D) 25 Jan, 1971

1430. In which town did Jahangir construct a mosque inside a fort in 1621 A.D.?

(A) Mandi

(B) Nahan

(C) Solan

(D) Nagarkot

1431.Who was the president of the 'All India State Peoples Conference' in 1939 when the police fired on a mob in Dhami ?

(A) Jawahar Lal Nehru

(B) Lala Lajpat Rai

(C) Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose

(D) Bhagat Singh

1432.For how many years did the war between Divodas and Shamber as described in Rigveda last?

(A) 30 years

(B) 40 years

(C) 50 years

(D) 60 years

1433.Who was the first Chairman of the Territorial Council of HP?

(A) Dr. Y.S. Parmar

(B) S. Chakravarti

(C) Thakur Karam Singh

(D) Shanta Kumar

1434. Shanan Electricity Project, situated at Jogindernagar is managed by



(C) Jaypee Industries

(D) Himurja

1435. 'Kangra Painting' book is written by

(A) M.S. Radhawa

(B) Ranzor Singh

(C) Norah Richards

(D) Sobha Singh

1436.Where is the University for Horticulture and Forestry located in HP?

(A) Nauni

(B) Palampur

(C) Waknaghat


1437.  Kunjoo and Chanchloo whose love story stimulates young hearts, belonged to

(A) Chamba (B) Kangra (C) Sirmour (D) Kullu

1438.CPRI is located at which place in HP ?

(A)Shimla (B) Sundernagar (C) Nalagarh (D)Nahan

1439.Mahima Library is situated at

(A) Solan

(B) Dharamshala 

(C) Paonta Sahib

(D) Nahan

1440.World's highest post office opened on 5th November, 1983 in HP is

(A) Hikkim (B) Reckong Peo (C) Kalpa (D) Kaza

1441,Which is the longest river of HP?

(A) Sutlej

(B) Chenab

(C) Ravi

(D) Beas

1442.The headquarters of Sirmour district of HP is

(A) Nahan

(B) Rajgarh

(C) Sangrah

(D) Manali

1443.The geographical area of HP is

(A) 55673 km 2 (B) 56673km 2 (C) 57673 km 2 (D) 58673 km2

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