Most Important Himachal Pradesh GK Question Answer In English -Part-73

Most Important Himachal Pradesh GK Question Answer In English -Part-73

||Most Important Himachal Pradesh GK Question Answer In English ||Most Important HP GK Question Answer In English -Part-73||Most Important HP GK Question Answer for hppsc||  

Most Important Himachal Pradesh GK Question Answer In English -Part-73

1519. In which year combined forces of Kullu and Chamba expelled Tibetan from Lahaul area ?
(A) 1652
(B) 1660
(C) 1663
(D) 1668

1520. The famous fort of Kamrughati 'Mastgarh' is located in which district ?||HIMEXAM.COM||

(A) Shimla (B) Sirmaur (C) Mandi (D) Chamba

1521. Invasion of Mehmud Ghazni on Nagarkot has been described by Muslim historian Uttabi in his book named ||HIMEXAM.COM||
(A) Tarikh-e-Hind
(B) Tarikh-e-Vatai
(C) Tarikh-e-Yamini
(D) Tarikh-e-Indica

1522. In which year capital of Punjab government was shifted from Shimla to Chandigarh ?
(B) 1956
(A) 1953
(C) 1962
(D) 1971

1523.Which of the following was the apex body of Praja Mandals?

(A) Himalayan Hill State Council

(B) All India States Peoples Conference

(C) Indian National Congress

(D) Shimla Hill State Council

1524. The largest agglomeration of Gaddis in H.P. is in||HIMEXAM.COM||

(A) Bharmour (B) Kaza (C)Bajaura (D) Ribba

1525. The Ranganath temple of Bilaspur is dedicated to||HIMEXAM.COM||

(A) Radha Krishna

(B)Lord Shiva

(C) Brahma

(D) Laxmi Narayan

1526. Mica is found at which place in H.P. ?

(A) Rangwar (B) Asrang  (c) Tangling Khad (D)Charagaon

1527. 'Gupta Art' entered in Shivalik hills first of all around

(A) 3rd century A.D.

(B) 4th century A.D.

(C) 6th - 8th century A.D.

(D) 10th century A.D.

1528.Who wrote the book 'Kala Vahe Guru di ?

(A) Sobha Singh

(B) M.S. Randhawa

(C) R.G. French

(D) Malkiyat Singh

1529. Under the Indo - German Programme, a Diary Development Plant has been set up at which place of H.P. ?||HIMEXAM.COM||

(A) Karsog

 (B) Chakkar

(C) Kumn

(D) Katula

1530. The victory tunnel constructed in 1945 was in the memory of

(A)Freedom fighters in India

(B) Victory of allied forces in the second world war

(C) Victory of India over Britain

(D) Spread of Praja Mandal Movement

1531. Solahsinghi Dhar is in which district of H.P.?

(A) Kinnaur (B) Lahaul-Spiti (C) Kangra (D) Hamirpur

1532. Which river does not originate in H.P.?

(A) Beas (B) Chenab (C) Satluj (D) Ravi

1533. Basoa festival is performed in which district of H.P. ? ||HIMEXAM.COM||

(A) Chamba (B) Hamirpur (C) Lahaul-Spiti (D) Kinnaur

1534. Which of the following districts of H.P. has the highest literacy rate ?|||

(A) Solan

(B) Shimla

(C) Kangra

(D) Hamirpur

1535. Vrajeshwari fair is held at

(A) Una

(B) Bilaspur

(C) Kullu

(D) Kangra

1536. Which of the following tourist places is famous as Valley of Gods ?|||

(A) Chamba

(B) Kangra

(C) Dalhousie

(D) Kullu

1537. Which of the following places is known as present day Nalagarh ?

(A) Kahlur

(B) Suket

(C) Hindur

(D) None of these

1538. The 'Tons' river rises from

(A) Yamunotri

(B) Chandhradhar

(C) Dadahu

(D) Jubbal

1539. 'Makori Jot' is located in which district of HP ?|||

(A) Hamirpur

(B) Kangra

(C) Solan

(D) Bilaspur

1540. Mandi was an off-shoot of

(A) Kangra

(B) Kullu

(C) Suket

(D) Bilaspur

1541. Which European traveller visited Chamba state for the first time in 1839 AD ?|||

(A) Wigne

(B) Holter

(C) Arther Miller 

(D) W. Goldstein 

1542. Ganvi hydel power project is located in which district of HP?|||

(A) Kullu 

(B) Kinnaur

(C) Shimla

(D) Kangra

1543. Which goat breed is native of Himachal Pradesh ?||||

(A) Beetal

(B) Marwadi


(D) Jamunapari

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