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Child Development & Pedagogy Question Answer Set-1

Child Development & Pedagogy Question Answer Set-1

Child Development & Pedagogy Question Answer Set-1

1. The most critical period of acquisition and development of language is

(1) pre-natal period

(2) early childhood

(3) middle childhood 

(4) adolescence

2. Which of the following is a stage of moral development proposed by Lawrence Kohlberg?

(1) Latency Stage

(2) The social contract orientation

(3) Concrete operational stage

(4) Industry vs Inferiority stage

3. During classroom discussions, a teacher often pays more attention to boys than girls. This is an example of

(1) gender bias

(2) gender identity

(3) gender relevance 

(4) gender constancy

4. Which of the following is an effective strategy to reduce children's gender stereotyping and gender-role conformity?

(1) Discussion about gender bias

(2) Emphasising gender-specific roles

(3) Gender-segregated play groups

(4) Gender-segregated seating arrangement

5. Which of the following theorists while viewing children as active seekers of knowledge emphasised the influence of social and cultural contents on their thinking?

(1) John B Watson

(2) Lev Vygotsky

(3) Jean Piaget

(4) Lawrence Kohlberg

6. While working on a jig-saw puzzle, 5 years old Najma says to herself, "Where is the blue piece? No, not this one, darker one that would go here and make this shoe". This kind of talk is referred to by Vygotsky as

(1) private speech

(2) talk aloud

(3) scaffolding

(4) egocentric speech

7. Giving cues to children and offering support as and when needed is an example of

(1) reinforcement

(2) conditioning

(3) modelling

(4) scaffolding

8. Which of the following behaviours characterise the 'concrete operational stage' as proposed by Jean Piaget?

(1) Hypothetico-deduction reasoning; propositional thought

(2) Conservation; class inclusion

(3) Deferred imitation; object permanence

(4) Make-believe play; irreversibility of thought

9. Which of the following is a Piagetian construct in the context of cognitive development of children?

(1) Schemas

(2) Observational learning

(3) Conditioning

(4) Reinforcement

10. Primary objective of Assessment should be

(1) assigning rank to students.

(2) understanding children's clarity and confusions about related concepts

(3) labelling students as per their score

(4) marking pass or fail in the report cards

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