General Science MCQ Question Answer Set-3

 General Science MCQ Question Answer Set-3

|| General Science  Question Answer Set-3|| General Science MCQ  Set-3||

General Science MCQ Question Answer Set-3

21. What is the principal focus of a spherical mirror? 

 (a) It is a point from which the rays of light appear to be coming from on the principal axis of a convex. mirror. 

(b) It is the point on the principal axis through which rays of light parallel to the principal axis pass after reflection or appear to be arising from this point on the principal axis.

 (c) It is the centre of a hollow sphere of which the spherical mirror is a part. 

(d) It is the midpoint of a spherical mirror. 

22. The mass of one molecule of oxygen is ..........

(a) 2.3 × 10–23g

 (b) 3.3 × 10–23g

 (c) 5.3 × 10–23g

 (d) 4.3 × 10–23g 

23. Which of the following metals reacts vigorously with cold water? 

(a) Iron 

(b) Aluminium 

(c) Zinc

 (d) Potassium

24. Which group of animals are exclusively free living marine animals? 

(a) Mollusca 

(b) Nematoda 

(c) Arthropoda 

(d) Echinodermata 

25. Which of the following statements is true? The velocity of sound is: 

(A) more in summer than in winter 

 (b) less in summer than in winter 

(c) independent of seasons 

(d) same in winter and summer 

26. According to Newlands’ Law of Octaves, how many elements exist in nature? 

 (a) 66 

(b) 65 

(c) 56 

(d) 55 

27. If a ball is thrown vertically upwards with a velocity of 40 m/s. then what will be the magnitude of its displacement after 6 s? /Take g = 10 m/s2 

 (a) 60 m 

(b) 80 m 

(c) 20 m 

(d) 40 m 

28. The universal natural auxin of plants is: 

 (a) IBA 

(b) NAA 

(c) IAA 

(d) citric auxin 

29. Which of the following can undergo sublimation? 

 (a) Ammonimum sulphate 

(b) Ammonium sulphide 

(c) Ammonium chlorate

 (d) Ammonium chloride 

30. Definition of Force can be stated from:

 (a) Newton’s first law of motion 

(b) Newton’s second law of motion 

(c) Newton’s third law of motion 

(d) Newton’s Law of gravitation 

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