Important HP GK Question Answer In English

Important HP GK Question Answer In English

 ||Important HP GK Question Answer In English||Top 100 HP GK Question||

Important HP GK Question Answer In English

1. To which game Suman Rawat, recipient of Arjun Award of Sunder Nagar is related ? 


2. At which place in H.P., Hang gliding is  done ?

Answer--Biling (Kangra)  

 3. What is the name of the youngest woman climber of the world of Mount Everest of H. P. in the year 1993 ? 

Answer-Dikki Dolma 

 4. At which place the first international level cricket stadium of H.P. is situated? 


5. Which shooter of H.P. won one gold and two silver medals in 2016 Doha Asian Games?

Answer- -Vijay Kumar 

6. In which district Shilaru Playground (famous for Hockey Astroturf Ground) is situated ?

Answer- -Shimla 

 7. Runner Suman Rawat is recipient of which award of H. P. ?

Answer- -Parshuram Award 

 8. Who was the recipient of the first 2 Parshuram Award in 1987? 

Answer--Suman Rawat 

 9. Which place of H.P. is known for Nine Holes Golf Course?

Answer-- -Naldehra 

  10. What is the name of the Great Khali? 

Answer---Dalip Singh Rana (Ghiraina, Sirmaur) 

11. What is the name of the Great Khali ? 

Answer-Dalip Singh Rana(Ghiraina, Sirmaur)

12. To which, game the great Khali is related ?

Answer-Wrestling (WWE)

13. On which ground, Durand Cup was started?

Answer-Annadel (Shimla) 

14. To which district, shooter Vijay Kumar is related ?


15. To which game Kala Rana is related ?

Answer- Volleyball

16. At which place Indira Gandhi Sports Indoor Stadium is situated ?


17. Chaudhary Charanjit Singh was captain of Indian Hockey Team in 1964 Tokyo Olympics. He was related to which district ?


18. What for Shimla is famous ?

Answer-For Annadel Ground

19. When was U.S. Club in Shimla established?


20. At which place of H.P., Regional Engineering College (REC) was established in 1986-87? 


21. At which place H.P. Agriculture  University is situated ? 


22. At which place of Kinnaur district. Jawahar Navodya School is situated ?


23. Who is the Chancellor of H.P. Agriculture University, Palampur?

Answer-Governor of H.P.

24. When was H.P. Agriculture University, Palampur established? 

Answer-1978 A.D.

25. On whose name, the name of Agriculture University, Palampur has been kept ??

Answer-Chaudhary Shrawan Kumar

26. Who was the first Vice-Chancellor of Horticulture and Forestry University, Nauni (Solan)?

Answer-M.R. Thakur

27. In which district Y.S. Parmar Horticulture and Forestry University, Nauni is situated ?


28. How many Govt. Universities are there in H.P. (till 2008) ?


29. Nauni is famous for

Answer-H.P. Y.S. Parmar Horticulture and Forestry University

30. In how many districts of H.P., Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan is being run?

Answer-In all 12 districts

31. What was the literacy rate of H.P. (As per 2001 Census)?


32. At which place the oldest Mahavidyalaya (College) of H.P. is situated ?


33. There are four Model Schools in Chamba district of H.P.- Khushnagri, Dand, Bharai Kothi and Hilore. Which of these is in Maihla Block ?

Answer-Bharai Kothi

34. Govt. of India has approved five Model Schools for Development blocks which are backward in the field of education in Chamba and Sirmaur districts of H.P. How many among these are for Sirmaur district?

Answer-One (in Shilai)

35. What is Yashwant Gurukul Aawas Yojana of H.P. Govt. ?

Answer-Scheme of making accomodation for teachers of H.P. in far-away and tribal areas

36. Palampur Agriculture University was opened in the tenure of which Chief Minister?

Answer-Shanta Kumar

37. At which place Kendriya Vidyalaya (H.P.) is situated ? 


38. Maharaja Sansar Chand Degree College is situated in

Answer-Thural (Kangra)

39. Who is appointed as Chancellor of H.P. University ?

Answer-Governor of H.P. 

40. Who was K.L. Sethi (1958)?

Answer-First Director of Education of H.P.

41. At which place H.P. University Regional Office is situated ?


42. At which place H.P. University (1970) is situated ?

Answer-Summerhill (Shimla) 

43. The name of Forestry and Garden University in Solan (Nauni) is

Answer-Y.S. Parmar University (1985) 

44. Motilal Nehru Library is situated in


45. At which place Technical University of H.P. is situated ?


46. At which place in Pangi Block of  Chamba District Govt. of India has given approval to open Model School?


47. Which programme has been started in H.P. to make Science and Mathematics popular and innovative from sixth to eighth class?


48. Govt. of India has given approval to open a Model School in which block of Sirmaur district?


49. Dr. Rajendra Prasad Medical College is situated in

Answer-Tanda (Kangra)

50. Indira Gandhi Medical College is situated in

Answer-Snodan (Shimla) 

51. The name of Snodan State Hospital, in 1985 A.D., was replaced to

Answer-IGMC (Shimla)

52. The name of Rippan Hospital, built in 1885, was replaced in 1990 to

Answer-Deendayal Upadhayay Dispensary

 53. The old name of Kamla Nehru Hospital

Answer-Lady Reiding Hospital

 54. IGMC is situated in Shimla. RajendravPrasad Medical College is situated in

Answer-Kangra (Tanda)

55. Deendayal Upadhayay Hospital (old name Rippan Hospital) of Shimla, at present, is under


56. The name of Ayurvedic College of Papraula (Kangra) is

Answer-Rajiv Gandhi Ayurvedic College

57. Central Potato Research Institute is situated in

Answer-Kufri (Shimla)

58. At which place of H.P., Pashcher Institute which was made by Sir David Sample in 1990 A.D., oldest of India which prepares Anti Rabies Vaccine (medicine of dog-bite), is situated?

Answer-Kasauli (Solan)

59. Central Research Institute (CRI) is situated in

Answer-Kasauli (Solan)

60. IIAS is situated in


61. Farmers Training Institute is situated in


62. Regional Bee Research Institute of Central Bee Research Institute is situated in


63. Central Research Institute (CRI) is situated in

Answer-Kasauli (Solan)

64. Wildlife Information and Education Centre is situated in


65. Council of Scientific Industrial Research (CSIR) Complex is situated


66. The first director of IIAS (Shimla) was

Answer-Niranjan Ray (1965)

67. The first chairman of IIAS Committee was

Answer-Dr. Zakir Hussain

68. ITI for the handicapped is situated in


69. Food & Craft Institute of FCI in H.P. is situated in


70. Dharamshala- Triyund, Bhunter- Bijli Mahadev, Palchan-Rohtang, Jia Village Adi Himani Chamunda.

71. Apple Research Institute is situated in


72. Samuel Iwans Stokes worked at which  place in the year 1904 which was in the grip of leprosy disease at that time? 

Answer:-Sabathu Lepor Home Colony 

73. Who gave the title of Pahari Gandhi to Baba Kanshiram of Dehra Gopipur (Kangra)?

Answer-Jawahar Lal Nehru

74. On whose name, the name of Garden and Forestry University, Nauni (Solan) been kept ?

Answer-Dr. Yashwant Singh Parmar

75. Nicholas Rorik, who is also known by the name of Majarishi has made 7,000 paintings on Himalaya. He was related to which country?

Answer - Russia

76. Which person of H.P. has established a world record in typing ?

Answer-Rajendra Singh

77. Who was Aniruddh Chand?

Answer-Son of Sansar Chand-II

78. The tomb of which British Viceroy is situated in Dharamshala ?

Answer-Lord Elgin

79. Which cine actor of H.P. has worked as Chairman of Film Board?

Answer-Anupam Kher

80. The birth place of Chandradhar Sharma Guleri is


81. The birth place of Pahari Gandhi Baba Kanshiram is

Answer-Dehra Gopipur (Kangra)

82. To which place Norah Richards is related ?

Answer-Andreta (Kangra)

83. Ruskin Bond was born in

Answer-Kasauli (Solan)

84. Which person took an oath to wear black clothes till the independence of India and abided by it till 1943 (till death) ?

Answer-Baba Kanshiram

85. In which year Dharamshala was made temporary headquarters of Dalai Lama ? 

Answer-1959 A.D.

86. Dr. Y.S. Parmar was born at

Answer-Bagthan (Sirmaur) 

87. Rabindranath Tagore and Subhash Chandra Bose stayed for a few months in H.P. in


88. Which award was given to Y.S. Parmar?

Answer-Padam Shree

89. To which village of Kangra district, Justice Mehar Chand Mahajan was related ?

Answer-Tikka Nagrota 

90.Major Mehar,Dass ,Who Took Part in INA enthusiastically,was related to which place

Answer:-Naharan Pukhar

91. The biggest district of H.P. from viewpoint of area is 


92. The smallest district of H.P. from viewpoint of area is


93. Who was the first Chief Commissioner of H.P.?

Answer-N.C. Mehta

94. Who was the first Chief Justice of H.P.?

Answer-Justice Hamidulla Beg

95. Who was the first Chairman of H.P. Public Service Commission?

Answer-K.S. Katoch

96. The height of Kandaur Bridge (Bilaspur) is

Answer-60 metres

97. The first D.G.P. of H.P. Police was

Answer-I.B. Negi

98. In which district the least populated village is situated ?


99. The district with maximum urban population is


100. The district with least urban population is

Answer-Lahaul-Spiti and Kinnaur 

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