Important Question Answer Series For HPSSC JOA IT Set-4

Important Question Answer Series For HPSSC JOA IT  Set-4

||Important Question Answer Series For HPSSC JOA IT  Set-4||Important Question Answer Series For HPSSSB Hamirpur JOA IT  Set-4||HPSSSB Hamirpur JOA IT  Important Question Answer||

Important Question Answer Series For HPSSC JOA IT  Set-4

 71 When a key is pressed on the keyboard, which standard is used for converting the keystroke into the corresponding bits:





72. The digits are 0 to 9 and A to F.

A. Decimal

B. Hexadecimal

C. Binomial

D. Trinomial

73. Each digit in Binary Coded Decimal (BCD) is known as

A. Bit

B. Byte

C. Nibble

D. None of these

74. ASCII Code is a 7 bit code for:

A. letters, numbers and other symbols

B. only for letters

C. only for numbers

D. for numbers and letters

75. How many numbers are there in 2 bytes?

A. 1011100101101110

B. 0.278

C. 0.002

D. 2.000

76. Which one of the following is the binary equivalent of the octal number 13.54?

A. 1101.1110 

B. 1011.1100

C. 1100.1100

D. 1011.101100

77. What is the range of the numbers which can be stored in an eight bit register?

A. -127 to +127 

B. -128 to +128

C. -128 to +127 

D. -127 to +128

78. What is the term used for a half byte?

A. bit

B. nibble

C. bug


79. What is the Gray Code for decimal 7?

A. 0100

B. 0101

C. 0010

D. 111

80. Calculate the binary division of:(11000)2 = (100)2

A. 10

B. 100

C. 110

D. 111

81. What is the maximum count that a 6-bit binary word can represent?

A. 61

B. 62

C. 63

D. 64

82. The number system which is not a positional notation system is:

A Octal

B. Roman

C. Decimal

D. Binary

83. The ASCII is a subset of:

A. 8-bit-EBCDIC

 B. 8-bit ECBDIC

C. 8-bit ECBDCI 

D. 8-bit EBCDCE

84. What is the sign magnitude representation of binary number +1101.011?

A. 101001.1001

 B. 01101.011

C. 1101.0110

D. 1100.001

85. What is the excess 3 code?

A. Cyclic complimenting code

B. Cyclic algebraic code

C. Self complimenting code

D. Self algebraic code

86. Where is the use of cyclic code?

A. Logic gate

B. Processing data

C. Simultaneous error-correction and Brust error detection

D. Networking interface

87. Motherboard used in computer is:

A. powerful means of communication

B. the main circuit board also called system board on which bus structure are mounted

C. the interactive feature of network

D. None of the above

88. The oldest form of computer language is called:

A. Machine language




89. An electrical pathway within a computer is called:

A. circuit

B. line

C. bus

D. track

90. One of the things that separates a "Terminal" from a "PC" is that the terminal does not have a what?

A. Keyboard

C. Power cord

B. Monitor


91. The Central Processing Unit (CPU) constitutes

A. Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU) only

B. Control Unit (CU) only

C. Both ALU & CU

D. Operational registers, ALU and CU

92. Macromedia is a name of a company related with

A. Hardware

B. Software

C. Peripherals

 D. Services

93. The personal-computer industry was started by:


B. Apple

C. Compaq


94. The word size of a microprocessor refers to:

A. The amount of information that can be stored in a byte

B. The amount of information that can be stored in a cycle

C. The number of machine operations performed in a second

D. The maximum length of an English word that can be input to a computer

95. Which type of computers accuracy is superhigh

A. Optical

B. Hidden

C. Hybrid

D. Digital


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