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Important Question Answer Series For HPSSC JOA IT Set-3


Important Question Answer Series For HPSSC JOA IT  Set-3

||Important Question Answer Series For HPSSC JOA IT  Set-3||Important Question Answer Series For HPSSSB Hamirpur JOA IT  Set-3||HPSSSB Hamirpur JOA IT  Important Question Anwer||

Important Question Answer Series For HPSSC JOA IT  Set-3

46. The least powerful computer is:

A. Minicomputer

B. Microcomputer

C. Mainframe computer

D. None of the above

47. The Central Processing Unit (CPU) consists of:

A. Registers and Arithmetic Logic Unit

B. Instruction Decoding Circuit

C. A control and timing section

D. All of the above

48. The main purpose of the supercomputer is:

A. High speed calculations

B. Weather forecasting

C. Data Retreieval operations

D. None of the above

49. What are the two essential parts of the Computer?

A. Keyboard and Mouse

B. Hardware and Software

C. Printer and Screen

D. Monitor and Keyboard

50. Future Generation computers will be based on:

A. Online processing

B. Artificial intelligence

C. Time sharing

D. None of the above

51. The basic operations performed by a computers are:

A. Arithmetic operation

B. Logical operation

C. Storage and relative

D. All of the above

52. The earliest calculating devices are:

A. Abacus

B. Clock

C. Difference Engine

 D. None of the above

53. The Analytical Engine developed during First Generation of computers used memory unit.


B. Floppies

C. Punch Cards

 D. Counter Wheels

54. The man who built the first Mechanical Calculator was:

A. Joseph Marie Jacquard

B. John Mauchly

C. Blaise Pascal

D. Harward Ailken

55. Punched cards were first introduced by:

A. Powers

B. Pascal

C. Jacquard

D. Herman Hollerith

56. Computers built in the First Generation of computers were:

A. Transistor

B. Electro-mechanical

C. Electrical

D. None of the above

57. Floppy Disk Drives were first introduced by which of the following computer manufacturers?


B. Sony

C. Panasonic

D. Compaq

58. Supercomputer were primarily designed by:

A. Seymour Cray 


C. Hewlett-Packard 


59. The floppy drive have:

A. Magnetic coating 

B. Silver coating

C. Gold coating 

D. Lead coating

60. Which electronic component was used in second generation?

A. Vacuum tubes 

B. Transistors

C. IC chips

D. All of the above

61. VLSI (Very-large scale integration) Integration Circuit technology was used in which generation?

A. first generation 

B. second generation

C. third generation 

D. fourth generation

62. IC chips was used in:

A. first generation 

B. second generation

C. third generation 

D. fourth generation

63. ENIAC was the computer of:

A. first generation

 B. second generation

C. third generation

 D. fourth generation

64. Manchester Mark I computer was based on:

A. stored program concept

B. processing concept

C. electronic change concept

D. All of the above

65. What was the size of chip used in third generation?

A. less than 8 mm

 B. less than 5 mm

C. less than 2 mm 

D. less than 5 mm

66. EDVAC is:

A. Electronic Detected Variable Automatic Computer

B. Electronic Discrete Variable Automatic  Computer

C. Electronic Discrete Valuable Automatic Computer

D. Electronic Developed Valuable Automatic Computer

67. How many vacuum tubes was used in ENIAC?

A. 8,498

B. 19,230

C. 17,468

D. 13,621

68. Integrated circuits contained:

A. Vaccum tube

 B. transistor

C. condensor

D. resistance

69. Which number system is usually followed in a typical 32-bit computer?

A. binary

B. decimal

C. hexadecimal 

D. octal

70. Word length of a Personal Computer is

A. 4 bits

B. 8 bits

C. 32 bits

D. None of these


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