Important Question Answer Series For HPSSC JOA IT Set-6

Important Question Answer Series For HPSSC JOA IT  Set-6

||Important Question Answer Series For HPSSC JOA IT  Set-6||Important Question Answer Series For HPSSSB Hamirpur JOA IT  Set-6||HPSSSB Hamirpur JOA IT  Important Question Answer||

Important Question Answer Series For HPSSC JOA IT  Set-6

 1. Which button is called as middle button used as third mouse button by pressing on it?

(a) right button 

(b) scroll wheel

(c) touch bar 

(d) light bar

2. A joystick is primarily used to/for.......

(a) control sound on the screen

(b) computer gaming

(c) enter text

(d) draw pictures

3. A device, which is used for making drawings, graphics and for menu selection.

(a) Keyboard 

(b) Mouse

(c) Touch screen 

(d) Light Pen

4. .......... is generally used in applications like ATM, hospitals, airline reservation etc.

(a) Light pen 

(b) Touch screen

(c) Joystick 

(d) Trackball

5. Which of the following device which recognises physical traits of an individual?

(a) Smart card

(b) Biometric sensor

(c) Bard code

(d) MICR

6. A device that makes copies and reproduces text and images is called

(a) CPU

(b) memory

(c) printer 

(d) scanner

7. It is a video capturing device

(a) webcam

(b) microphone

(c) monitor

(d) mouse

8. Which of the following groups consists of only input devices?

(a) Mouse, Keyboard, Monitor

(b) Mouse, Keyboard, Printer

(c) Mouse, Keyboard, Ilotter

(d) Mouse, Keyboard, Scanner

9. Memory is made up of

(a) set of wires

(b) set of circuits

(c) large number of cells

(d) set of optical libre

10. Memory is characterised on the basis of

(A) density

(b) access time

(c) capacity

(d) Both (b) and (c)

11. The smallest unit of storage is

(a) byte

(b) bit

(c) kilobyte 

(d) nibble

12. The difference between memory and storage is that memory is ........ and storage is ..........

(a) temporary, permanent

(b) permanent, temporary

(c) Both (a) and (b)

(d) permanent, permanent

13. A ......... is approximately a million bytes.

(a) gigabyte 

(b) kilobyte

(c) megabyte 

(d) terabyte

14. In which of the following flip-flop component is used?

(a) SRAM 

(b) DRAM

(c) SDRAM 


15. Which of the following memories need refresh?

(a) SRAM

(b) DRAM

(c) ROM 

(d) All of these


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