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Important Question Answer Series For HPSSC JOA IT Set-1


Important Question Answer Series For HPSSC JOA IT  Set-1

||Important Question Answer Series For HPSSC JOA IT  Set-1||Important Question Answer Series For HPSSSB Hamirpur JOA IT  Set-1||HPSSSB Hamirpur JOA IT  Important Question Anwer||

Important Question Answer Series For HPSSC JOA IT  Set-1

 1. The word computer has been derived from which of the following language?

(a) Greek

(b) English

(c) Hindi

(d) Latin

2. Input, output and processing devices grouped together represent a(n)

(a) mobile device

(b) information processing cycle

(c) circuit board

(d) computer system

3. Which of the following is the correct order of the four major functions of a computer?

(a) Process, Output, Input, Storage

(b) Input, Output, Process, Storage

(c) Process, Storage, Input, Output

(d) Input, Process, Output, Storage

4. Collecting the data and converting it into information is called

(a) processing

 (b) compiling

(c) importing 

(d) exporting

5. Computer cannot perform

(a) input

 (b) output

(c) thinking 

(d) processing

6. A computer cannot perform which of the following functions?

(a) Addition

 (b) Subtraction

(c) Bake a cake

(d) Division

7. Part number, description and number of parts ordered are examples of

(a) control

(b) output

(c) processing

(d) feedback

8 Benefits of computers are

(a) very fast and can store huge amount of data

(b) provide accurate output either input is correct or not

(c) think about the processing

(d) All of the above

9 A collection of unprocessed items is

(a) information

(b) data

(c) memory

(d) reports

10 Which among the following cycle consists of an input, processing, output and storage as its constituents?

(a) Processing

(b) Output

(c) Input

(d) Data

11 ......... is data that has been organised and presented in a meaningful fashion.

(a) A process

(b) Software

(c) Storage

(d) Information

12 Data or information used to run the computer is called

(a) hardware

(b) CPU

(c) peripheral

(d) None of the above

13 The steps and tasks needed to process data, such as responses to questions or clicking an icon, are called

(a) instructions

(b) the operating system

(c) application software

(d) the system unit

14 Which of the following is not a characteristics of computer?

(a) Accuracy

(b) Reliability of programs

(c) Flexibility

(d) Speed

15 Arithmetic logic unit and control unit sections have special purpose location called

(a) register

 (b) RAM

(c) BIOS

(d) I/O

16 computer is used in communication for

(a) Usenet

 (b) E-mail

(c) Chatting 

(d) All of these

17 Napier's Bones is also known as the inventor of

(a) adding machine

(b) logarithms

(c) multiplication tool

(d) All of the above

18 Napier's Bones performs

(a) addition and subtraction

(b) multiplication and division

(c) only addition

(d) Both (a) and (b)

19 Pascaline is also known as

(a) mechanical machine

(b) adding machine

(c) division machine

(d) difference machine

20 Computer's basic architecture was developed by

(a) John Von Neumann

(b) Charles Babbage

(c) Blaise Pascal

(d) Jordan Murn

21 The first electro-mechanical computer Mark-l invented by

(a) John W Mauchly

(b) Atanasoff Berry

(c) Howard Aiken

(d) Clifford Berry

22 Who described the feature 'Read one card at a time of tabulating machine?

(a) John Von Neumann

(b) Howard Aiken

(c) Herman Hollerith

(d) Eckert and JW Mauchly

23 The first mass-produced mechanical calculating device was

(a) Pascaline 

(b) Arithmometer

(c) Punch card

 (d) Mark-1

24 Which of the following device used 'set of beads' to represent the unit of data?

(a) ENIAC 


(c) Abacus 

(d) Mark-1

25 The first fully electronic computer in the world was






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