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Most Important Himachal Pradesh GK Question Answer In English -Part-78


Most Important Himachal Pradesh GK Question Answer In English -Part-78

||Most Important Himachal Pradesh GK Question Answer In English ||Most Important HP GK Question Answer In English -Part-78||Most Important HP GK Question Answer for hppsc|| 

Most Important Himachal Pradesh GK Question Answer In English -Part-78

1598.Which of the following is not a tributary of the river Ravi ?

(A) Budhil

(B) Chakki

(C) Tundah Beljedi

(D) Siul

1599. Which princely state was famous as Sat Dhar region ?


(A) Hindur

(B) Bilaspur

(C) Nurpur

(D) Bushahr

1600. The ‘Vashisht' hot water spring is located in

(A) Shimla

(B) Mandi

(C) Kullu

(D) Bilaspur

1601. 'Wild Flower Hall' which has been reduced to ashes in 1993 was located at

(A) Kalka

(B) Killar

(C) Shillai

(D) Shimla

1602. Bandhal Valley is located in which district of HP ?

(A) Chamba

(B) Una

(C) Hamirpur

(D) Kangra

1603. Name the ruler of Chamba, during whose period suffix 'Singh' was first used ?

(A) Hari Singh

(B) Ganesh Varman

(C) Pratap Singh

(D) Bir Varman

1604. In which year Raja Sansar Chand took control of Kutlehar Riyasat ?|||

(A) 1786 AD 

(B) 1805 AD

(C) 1816 AD

(D) 1825 AD

1605. In which year Spiti valley was thrown open to local and foreign tourists ?

(A) 1962

(B) 1992

(C) 1996

(D) 2002

1606. Who was the President of Provisional Government ?

(A) Mukund Lal

(B) Sada Ram Chandel

(C) Pt. Shiva Nand Ramaul

(D) Padam Dev

1607. The Janekang is a form of marriage, prevelent in district Kinnaur, means

(A) Elopement

(B) Widow remarriage

(C) Love Marriage

(D) Arranged marriage

1608. How Parshuram was related to Renuka ?

(A) Son

(B) Father

(C) Brother

(D) Grandson

1609. Who built the temple of Sandhya Devi at Jagatsukh ?|||

(A) Hans Pal

(B) Madan Pal 

(C) Keral Pal

(D) Urdhan Pal

1610. Which of the following is not a broad leaved variety found in HP?

(A) Oak

(B)Neoza pine 

(C) Seemal

(D) Sal

1611. At which place Gandhi Centenary centre was set up in Himachal in the year 2000 AD ?

(A) Jharlog

(B) Lethwin

(C) Thakurdwara 

(D) Chailchowk

1612. Who brought the ‘idol' of Raghunathji in 1663 AD from Ayodhya to Kullu ?


(A)Lakshman Das

(B) Jagat Singh

(C) Damodar Das

(D) Keshav Chand

1613. Which district of H.P. has maximum number of small scale industry units

(A) Solan

(B) Kangra

(C) Una

(D) Bilaspur

1614. Patalsu mountain is located in which district of H.P.? ||||

(A) Kinnaur

(B) Lahaul-Spiti 

(C) Mandi

(D) kullu

1615. Dulchi pass connects Mandi with

(A) Hamirpur

(B) Bilaspur

(C) Kangra

(D) Kullu

1616.Chuhar valley is located in which district of H.P. ?

(A) Mandi

(B) Sirmour

(C) Shimla


1617. Bilaspur Ki Kahani' book is written by

(A) Akshar Singh

(B) G.D. khosla

(C) Garib Khan

(D) Anand Chand

1618.Musk Deer Breeding centre is located at which place in H.P.?

(A) Jeori

(B) Sarahan

(C) Lari

(D) kufri

1619. Tarna Devi temple was built by which ruler of Mandi ?

(A) Ajbar sen

(B) Bir sen

(C) Bahu sen

(D) Shyam sen

1620. Nalwari fair of Bilaspur was started in 1889 by

(A) Anand Chand

(B) Bir Chand

(C) Sansar Chand

(D) W. Goldstein

1621.Birsu is a folk dance of which district of H.P.??

(A) Chamba

(B) Kinnaur

(C) Lahaul Spiti 

(D) Sirmaur

1622.Which one of the Shimla Hill state was off shoot of Sirmaur princely state ?


(A) Bhajjii

(B) Balsan

(C) Dhami

(D) Keonthal

1623.Which Raja of Bangahal princely state was treacherously killed by Raja Siddha sen of Mandi ? ||||

(A) Ragunath Pal

(B) Dalel Pal

(C) Prithi Pal

(D) Man Pal

1624. Rana of which region of Kangra is said to have offered his own daughter- in-law as a sacrifice for opening of water course?

(A) Garoh

(B) Khaniyara

(C) Chari

(D) Palam

1625.The only coin special to Chamba, five of which makes an 'Anna' is the ||||

(A) Dhela

(B) Pi

(C) Chakli

(D) Ratti

1626.Which of following is not the form of marriage in Kinnaur district?

(A) Janckang

(B) Har

(C) Nyamsha Depang


1627.Where was the old capital of Kullu Rajas, from where the twelve generations of Kullu Rajas ruled?

(A) Manali (B) Jagatsukh (C) Sultanpur (D) Bajaura

1628. Total number of villages in H.P. are

(A) 17690

(B) 18690

(C) 19990

(D) 20690

1629. State Game of H.P. is

(A) Volleyball (B) Football (C) Hockey (D) Kabaddi


1630.World's oldest democracy is

(A) Malana

(B) Naggar

(C) Karsog

(D)) Khza

1631. First Information Commissioner of H.P. was

(A) K.L. Mehta (B) N.C. Mehta (C) P.C. Rana (D) K.C Katoch

1632. Where was the first Tulip Garden of H.P. established ||||

(A) Palampur (B) Dharamshala (C) Nauni (D) Neri

1633. In which year Lord Mayo visited Chamba princely state? ||||

(A) 1871

(B) 1881

(C) 1891

(D) 1901

1634.In which year Himachal Pradesh was provided with Territorial Council?

(A) 1951

(B) 1956

(C) 1960

(D) 1948

1635.'Chohara' is a famous dance of

(A) Kinnaur and Mahasu

(B) Mandi and Kullu

(C) Kullu and Chamba

(D) Kinnaur and Lahaul

1636. Where is the Durga Kali' temple located in Himachal Pradesh ?


(A) Mandi

(B) Theog

(C) Sarahan

(D) Chaupal

1637. The first hydroelectric station was commissioned for Chamba town in


(B) 1920

(C) 1930

(D) 1940

1638. 'Satluj Watershed Project' was launched with the assistance of which country?

(A) America (B) Russia (C) Japan (D) Australia

1639. Which is the most literate district of Himachal Pradesh ?

(A) Kangra

(B) Bilaspur

(C) Una

(D) Hamirpur

1640.Who was given with Rajgir as a Jagir by Maharaja Ranjit Singh in 1828 AD

(A) Anirudh Chand

(B) Fateh Chand

(C) Hira Singh

(D) Narendra Chand

1641.Which district is located to the South of Una district of Himachal Pradesh?


(A) Hamirpur

(B) Kangra

(C) Mandi

(D) Bilaspur

1642.How many districts Himachal Pradesh had in 1967 AD ?

(A) 5

(B) 7

(C) 9

(D) 10

1643.The sub-divisional headquarters of Pangi valley is at


(B) Peo

(C) Killar

(D) Pangi

1644.Which of the following place(s) is/are located on the banks of Satluj ?||||

(A) Rampur

(B) Suni


(D) All of these

1645.During 1857 revolt, Chamba Raja Sri Singh ||||

(A) fought against the British

(B) remained passive towards revolt

(C) sent troops to Dalhousie under the leadership of Mian Autar Singh support of the British

(D) None of these

1646.Utabi in his book Tarikh-i-Yamini' called Nagarkot as||||

(A) Kalnagar

(B) Nagarkot

(C) Bhimnagar 

(D) Bhimkot

1647.Which of the following is the most fertile area falling in the Shivalik hills ?||||

(A) Dodra Kawar

(B) Balh Valley

(C) Ribba Valley

(D) Khajjiar Valley

1648. The two streams 'Chandra' and 'Bhaga' rises from the opposite side of ||||

(A) Dhauladhar

(B)Baralacha pass

(C) Kundikherni pass

(D) Zozilla pass

1649. Chappals are famous of

(A) Kangra


(C) Mandi

(D) Kullu

1650.Who poisoned the Raja of Bilaspur Dip Chand in Nadaun in 1656?

(A) A Sikh General

(B) His Rani

(C) His Commander-in-Chief

(D) None of these

1651.Who was appointed Governor of the Kangra possession by Maharaja Ranjit Singh in 1809 AD ?

(A) Fateh Singh

(B) Dessa Singh Majithia

(C) Zorawar Singh

(D)Liaquat Khan

1652. In which year 'Prem Pracharini Sabha', Dhami was organized ?||||

(A) 1935

(B) 1936

(C) 1937

(D) 1939

1653.Sirmour princely state from 1804-1815 AD was under the control of

(A) Gurkhas

(B) British

(C) Sikhs

(D) Sansar Chand of Kangra

1654. In which year Shimla Municipal Committee was converted to Municipal Corporation ?

(A) 1986

(B) 1992

(C) 1996

(D) 2001

1655. Indo-Mongloids known as Kiratas or Bhots came to HP from the 

(A) North-West 

(B) North-East

(C) South-East

(D) South-West

1656.Bhunda festival is celebrated after every ||||

(A) 6 years

(B)12 years

(C) 18 years

(D) 24 years

1657.Himachal's indigenous architecture style is popularily known as

(A) Kath-Kuni

(B) Kasht-Nakkashi

(C) Chappar Chana

(D) Kadai-Bunai

1658.Which ruler of Nurpur constructed an irrigation channel from the Ravi to Pathankot ?

(A) Arjan Pal (B) Varsha Pal (C) Kailas Pal (D) Sukim Pal

1659. In which year 'Bhuri Singh Museum of Chamba was opened ?||||

(A) 1892 

(B) 1899

(C) 1908

(D) 1910

1660.The First International Cricket Stadium of Himachal has came up at|||

(A) Dharamshala (B) Mandi (C) Hamirpur (D) Shimla

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