Mostly Asked Reasoning Question Answer In HPSSC Exam Set-3

Mostly Asked Reasoning Question Answer In HPSSC Exam Set-3

||Mostly Asked Reasoning Question Answer In HPSSC Exam Set-3||Mostly Asked  Reasoning Question Answer In HPSSSB Hamirpur Exam Set-3||

Mostly Asked Reasoning Question Answer In HPSSC Exam Set-3

 1. If the second half of the english alphabet is written in reverse order, then which letter will be 9th of the right of 9th letter from the left ? 

(A) F (B) V (C) W (D) A 

 2. Which is different from the rest ? 

 (A) YX (B) PQ (C) KJ (D) CB 

3. As ‘Wood’ is related to ‘Tree’, in the same way, ‘Wool’ is related to which of the following ? 

 (A) Cloth (B) Sheep (C) Fibre (D) Cotton 

4. In a code if X is denoted by 7, P by 9, Z by 6, M by 5, L by 3, D by 2 then PLPXMZ is denoted in the code by 

 (A) 932756 (B) 923756 (C) 952736 (D) 937526 

5. If paper is called ink, ink is called pen, pen is called rose, rose is called rock, rock is called love and love is called tears, then does what is used by a sweetheart to write a letter to her lover ? 

 (A) love (B) pen (C) rose (D) paper 

6. In the following number series how many 7’s are there which are followed by 4 but not preceded by 8 ? 


(A) 2 (B) 3 (C) 4 (D) 5 

7. If the following numbers are written in descending order then which will be the middle digit of the middle term ? 

 789, 723, 659, 595, 713, 785, 689 

 (A) 1 (B) 2 (C) 3 (D) 7 29 

8. Shweta and Neha are on 15th and 20th places from upwards respectively in a class of 55 girls. What will be their respective positions from downwards ? 

 (A) 40th and 35th (B) 38th and 33rd (C) 39th and 34th (D) 41st and 36th 

9. Kiran is shorter than Preeti, but not than Sulekha. Suneeta is taller than Prabha, who is shorter than Shweta. Who is shortest ? 

 (A) Sulekha (B) Prabha (C) Shweta (D) Cannot be determined 

10. Complete the series.  RCH, QDI, OEK, LFN, ? 

 (A) GIS (B) GFQ (C) HGR (D) HHR

 11. If the letters of the word ‘VERTICAL’ are arranged alphabetically, how many letters will remain at the same position ?

यदि शब्द ‘VERTICAL' के अक्षरों को वर्णमाला में लगाया जाए, तो इनमें से कितने अक्षर समान स्थिति में रहेंगे ?

 (A) One (B) Two (C) Three (D) None of these 

12. 165135 is to ‘PEACE’ as 1215225 is to 

165135 से ‘PEACE' है, वैसे ही 1215225 से है


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