Important Bilaspur District Question Answer In English

Important Bilaspur District Question Answer In English

||Important Bilaspur District Question Answer In English||Important Bilaspur Distt Question Answer In English||

Important Bilaspur District Question Answer In English

 1. Who established Bilaspur City ?

Answer-Deep Chand Chander (1654 A.D.)

2. Beas Cave is situated in the district


3. Part-C state Bilaspur was merged in H.P. on

Answer-July 1, 1954

4. Bahadurgarh Fort was summer capital of which king of Bilaspur ?

Answer-Vijay Chand 

5. On July 1, 1954 which Part-C state was merged in H.P. ?


6. Which native province of H.P. tried to maintain its independent existence after the declaration of Independence of India in 1947?


7. Which ruler of former Bilaspur Province was a stuanch follower of Mahatma Gandhi? 

Answer-Anand Chand

8. Who built Rangmahal of Bilaspur in 1990 A.D.?

Answer-Vijay Chand

9. Which city of H.P. was called Beaspur in ancient time?


10. In which district of H.P. Bachhretu Fort is situated ?


11. 'Guru ka Lahore' is situated in


12. Barmana, Kandaur, Naina Devi, Shahtalai, Ghumarvi, Gehravi, Jhanduta are situated in

Answer -Bilaspur

13. The last ruler and first Chief Commissioner of Bilaspur in 1948 (12th October) was 

Answer-King Anand Chand

14. Which building was built by Vijay Chand of Bilaspur? 


15. In whose leadership, the hilly kings called Gorkhas for their help out of the fear of invasions of Sansar Chand?

Answer-King of Kahlur (Mahan Chand)

16. What was the main objective of Liberal Kahlur Party?

Answer-Party established by King of Kahlur so that the freedom movement can be suppressed

17. When was Bilaspur Bank established?


18. NCC Unit was established in 1963 in


19. In the tenure of which king of Bilaspur Kahlur and other Shimla Hill States came under the protection of Mughals?

Answer-Gian Chand

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