Daily Current Affairs 14 January 2023 In English

Post Update: January 13, 2023

Daily Current Affairs 14 January 2023 In English

||Daily Current Affairs 14 January 2023 In English||National Current Affairs 14 January 2023 In English||International Current Affairs 14 January 2023 In English|| 


Daily Current Affairs 14 January 2023 In English

Q.1. Recently 'Prince Harry' has released his memoir with which title??

a. spare

b. Random

c. success

d. none of these

Q.2. Where has Prime Minister Modi inaugurated the 26th National Youth Festival recently?

a. Bhopal

b. Bhubaneswar

c. Hubli

d. none of these

Q.3. Who has recently inaugurated 'Jai Hind - The New Light and Sound Program' at Delhi Red Fort?

a. Narendra Modi

b.Amit Shah

c. Rajnath Singh

d. none of these

Q.4. Recently who has been honored with 'Pravasi Bhartiya Samman Puraskar 2023'?

a. Adar Poonawala

b. Sanjeev Sanyal

c. Thiru S. Nadesan

d. none of these

Q.5. Kota tribe of which state has recently celebrated Ayyanur Ammanur festival?

a. Odisha

b. Tamil Nadu

c. Rajasthan

d none of these

Q.6. Who has recently been appointed by Meta as the Head of Global Business in India?

a. Ajit Saxena

b. AC Charaniya

c. Vikas Purohit

d. none of these

Q.7. Recently the book 'Jadunama' written by whom has been launched?

a. PV Rao

b. Aunty Madhav

C.Javed Akhtar

d. none of these

Q.8. Where will the 14th edition of the World Spice Congress be held recently?

a. Mumbai

b. Faridabad

c. Ghaziabad

d. none of these

Q.9. Which state government has recently launched 'Saharsh' special education program?

a. Kerala

b. Tripura

c. Maharashtra

d. none of these

Q.10. In which state are 'Kumarkom and Beypore' recently selected under the Swadesh Darshan 2.0 scheme?

a. Odisha

b. Kerala

c. Rajasthan

d. Himachal Pradesh

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