Daily Current Affairs 16 January 2023 In English

Post Update: January 15, 2023

Daily Current Affairs 16 January 2023 In English

||Daily Current Affairs 16 January 2023 In English||National Current Affairs 16 January 2023 In English||International Current Affairs 16 January 2023 In English|| 

Daily Current Affairs 16 January 2023 In English

 Q.1. Where has Prime Minister Modi launched MV Ganga Vilas Cruise recently?


b. Varanasi

c. Ahmedabad

d. none of these

Q.2. Which IIT has recently started India's largest student-run festival 'Sarang'?

a. IIT Madras

b. IIT Delhi

c. IIT Kanpur

d. none of these

Q.3. Which country has recently appointed 'Sonia Gujazara' as the first minister of the Ministry of Indigenous Peoples?


b. spain

c Brazil

d. none of these

Q.4. Recently 'Mary Presley' has passed away, who was she?

a. writer

b. singer

c. journalist

d. none of these

Q.5. Recently which country will send three people 6000 meters below sea level?

a. India

b. Japan


d. none of these

Q.6. Who has recently been chosen to lead the UN's COP 28 climate talks?

a. Ajit Saxena

b. AC Charaniya

c. Sultan Al Jaber

d. none of these

Q.7. Who has recently published the 18th edition of 'Global Risks Report'?

a. WHO

b. WTO

c. WEF

d. none of these

Q.8 Where has the Union Labor Minister inaugurated the regional office of EPFO recently?

a. Alwar

b. Faridabad

c. Ghaziabad

d. none of these

Q.9. Recently, in a bulk deal, Alibaba Group has sold what percentage of its stake in Paytm?

a. 5.7%

b. 3.1%

c. 4.6%

d. none of these

Q.10. Who has recently become the first woman officer to be posted in BRO?

a. Avni Chaturvedi

b.Ankita Singh

c. Surbhi Jakhmola

d.none of these

Q.11. Which district has recently become the first district in India to test innovative 5G use cases on the ground?

a. surat

b. Vidisha

c. Gorakhpur

d. Himachal Pradesh

Q.12. When was the '7th Armed Forces Ex-Servicemen Day' celebrated recently?

a. 12 January

b. 14 January

c. 13 January

d. none of these

Q.13. Where will India's first center of excellence in online gaming be set up recently?


b. Bhubaneswar

c. Shillong

d. none of these

Q.14. Who has recently released the book titled 'Breaking a Viral Storm: India's Covid-19 Vaccine Story'?

a.Narendra Modi

b. Mansukh Mandaviya

c. Rajnath Singh

d.none of these

Q.15. Which medal has been won by 'Falak Mumtaz' in the 23rd National Ski Championship recently?

a. A bronze

b. Silver

c. Gold

d. none of these

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