Daily HP GK Important Question Answer In English Set-23


Daily HP GK Important Question Answer In English Set-23

||Daily Himachal GK Important Question Answer in English Set-23||Daily Himachal Pradesh GK Important Question Answer in english Set-23||

Daily HP GK Important Question Answer In English Set-23

221. Which region of Kangra district is called Batlohiyawala City ? 


222. What is the name of Tibet University and Monastery in Siddhbari near Dharamshala in Kangra District ? 

Answer-Gyuto Tantric Monastery & Norbuling Ka University 

223. In which district Masroor Tourist Place is situated? 


 224. Tapowan 'Sandeepani Himalaya' is  situated in


225. The headquarters of exiled Tibetian Govt. is situated in

Answer -Mcloedganj (Dharamshala) 

 226. Which Muslim ruler appointed Ghamand Chand of Kangra as Nizam (Governor) of Jalandhar Doab in 18th Century (1759 A.D.)? 

Answer-Ahmedshah Abdali 

227. Which king of H.P. was appointed as Deputy Administrator of Jalandhar by Ahmedshah Abdali ? 

Answer-Ghamand Chand 

 228. Which ruler of H.P. for the first time dgn organised most of the hilly states as an independent state ? 

Answer-Sansar Chand 

 229. At which place, a treaty took place between King Raj Singh (Chamba) and King Sansar Chand (Kangra) in 1788 A.D.? 


 230. The folktales of which ruler of Dhameri Province of Audumber Janpada are famous ?

Answer -Jagat Singh

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