General Science MCQ Question Answer Set-4

General Science MCQ Question Answer Set-4

|| General Science  Question Answer Set-4|| General Science MCQ  Set-4||

General Science MCQ Question Answer Set-4

 31. Which of the following has low resistivity?

(a) Dimond

(b) Glass

(c) Ebonite

(d) Nichrome

32. Which of the following animals can change its sex?

(a) Planarian

(b) Nereis

(c) Ascaris

(d) Snail

33. When electricity is passed through an aqueous solution of Sodium Chloride (brine). it decomposes to form :

(a) NaOH + H₂ + Cl₂

(b) NaOH + H₂ + N₂

(c)NaOH + H₂ + O₂

(d) NaOH + HCl₂ + H₂

34. A man lifts a luggage of 25 kg from the ground and puts it on the head, 2.5 m above the ground. If the value of g = 10 ms 2, then the value of work done by him on the luggage is :

(a) 22.5 J

(b)220 J

(c) 625 J

(d)225 J

35. Growth hormones function :

(a) Rarely as growth promotors

(b) Sometimes as growth promotors and sometimes as growth inhibitors

(c) Always as growth inhibitors

(d) Always as growth promotors

36. Which permanent tissue makes a plant hard and stiff?

(a) Collenchymas

(b) Sclerenchma

(c) Parenchyma

(d) Aerenchyma

37. A sound of single frequency is called a :

(a) Note

(b) Pitch

(c) Tone

(d) Hertz

38. Which of the following salts is acidic in nature ?

(a) Sodium Carbonate

 (b) Sodium Acetate

(c) Ammonium Phosphate 

(d) Magnesium Sulphate

39. If I is the current through a wire and e is the charge of an electron, then the number of electrons crossing in t seconds will be given by :

(a) e/It

(b) Ie/t

(c) It/e

(d) Ite

40.The essential organs in a flower for reproduction are:

(a) The sepal and stamen

(b) The stamen and pistil

(c) The sepal and petal

(d) The petal and pistil

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