History Of Computer

History Of Computer 

||History Of Computer ||History Of Computer  Notes ||History Of Computer PDF||

History Of Computer

 History of Computer Computer is not the creation of one day, rather it took a long period for the development of modern computer. 

History of computer is described in this table:-

Inventions Inventors Characteristics Applications
 Abacus 1602 China
  • First mechanical calculating device.

  • A horizontal rod represents the one, tens, hundred, etc.
  • Used for addition and subtraction operations.

  • Calculation of square roots can also be performed.
     Napier’s Bones 1617 John Napier (Scotland)
  • Three dimensional structure.

  • Holding numbers from 0 to 9 only.Represent graphical structure of calculating result.

  • Technology used for calculation called Rabdologia
  • Perform multiplication of numbers.
     Pascaline 1642 Blaise Pascal (France)
  • First mechanical adding machine.

  • This machine worked on the principle of odometer and watch.

  • Mainly designed with regard to the pressure of liquid.
  • Perform addition and subtraction of two numbers..
     Jacquard’s Loom 1801 Joseph Marie Jacquard (France)
  • It was first mechanical loom

  • TUsed punched card for the sequence of operation
  • Simplified the process of textiles.
     Analytical Engine 1837 Charles Babbage(London)
  • First general-purpose computer

  • Stored program in the form of ‘pegs’ also called barrels.
  • It was a decimal machine used sign and magnitude for representation of a number.
     Tabulating Machine 1890 Herman Hollerith (America)
  • It used punched cards for reading numbers

  • It was the first electromechanical [email protected]
  • It was used in the 1890 census.
     MARK-1 1944 Howard Aiken(America)
  • Consists of interlocking panels of small glass, counters, switches and control circuits.

  • Data can be entered manually.
  • Mainly used in the war effort during World War-II.

  • Magnetic drums are used for storage.
  •  ENIAC 1946 JP Eckert and JW Mauchly (America)
  • It is a combination of twenty accumulators.

  • First electronic digital computer.
  • Used for weather prediction, atomic energy calculation and other scientific uses.

  • Used in IBM and other.
  •  EDVAC 1947 John Von Neumann (America)
  • Electronic digital computer
  • Logical design of a computer with a stored program
  •  EDSAC 1949 Maurice Wilkes(America)
  • It was the first computer which provided storage capacity

  • First computer program was run on machine.
  • Capable of storing instructions and data in memory.

  • Used mercury delay lines for memory, vacuum tubes for logic.
  •  UNIVAC 1951 J. Presper Eckert and John Mauchly (America)
  • First general-purpose electronic computer with large amount of input and output.
  • Used magnetic tapes as input and output

  • Use for account work.
  •  IBM-650 Computer 1953 IBM Company
  • Provided input/output units converting alphabetical and special characters to two-digit decimal code.
  • Payroll processing

  • Oil refinery design/li>
  • Market research analysis

  • ||History Of Computer ||History Of Computer  Notes ||History Of Computer PDF||

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