Important HP History Question Answer In English Set-2

Important HP History Question Answer In English Set-2

||Important HP History Question Answer Set-2||Important HP History MCQ Set-2||

Important HP History Question Answer In English Set-2

11. The ancient rock inscriptions of Pathiyar and Kanhiyara of Kangra are in which script?

 (a) Brahmi and Tankri

 (b) Kharoshti and Tankri

 (c) Brahmi and Kharoshti

 (d) Kharoshti and Persian

 12. Shamber king who fought against Aryan king Divodass, belonged to which ancient tribe? 

(a) Kinner 

 (b) Khas 

(c) Kirat

(d) Dass  

13. In which ancient scripture of India, there is description of Khas ? 

 (a) Bhagwat Purana

(b) Vayu Purana 

(c) Brihat Sanhita 

(d) All of the above 

14. Audumber (Kaushik Surname) associate their relation with which hermit?

(a) Vashishth

 (b) Brigu

 (c) Vishwamitra

 (d) Parashar

 15. Who were the residents of Shiwalik Valleys in Pre-Vedic Age ?

 (a) Kinners

 (b) Aryans 

(c) Nagajatis 

(d) Dasyus

16. According to which Purana, "The man who thinks about Himalaya without seeing it, gets fruit more than that of any prayer performed in Kashi" ? 

 (a) Shiva Purana

 (b) Skanda Purana 

(c) Vayu Purana

 (d) Garuda Purana 

17. Who was the assistant of Shamber in the battle with Aryan king Divodass? 

(a) Verchi

(b) Sudas 

 (c) Arjun

 (d) Pradduman 

18. By which name the Aryans are known in Himachal Pradesh ? 

(a) Bhot 

 (b) Koli 

(c) Rathi

(d) Kulind 

19. According to which scripture the non- Aryan tribes like Kol, Kirat, Yaksha, and Nag were residing in Himachal Pradesh before the Arayans ?

 (a) Mahabharata

 (b) Rigveda

 (c) Manusmriti

 (d) Yog Vashishth

20. Who was defeated in the 40-year old battle between Shamber and ancient Aryan king Divodass ?

 (a) Shaka 

 (b) Khas

(c) Kirat

 (d) Kinner

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