Important HP History Question Answer In English Set-3

Important HP History Question Answer In English Set-3

||Important HP History Question Answer Set-3||Important HP History MCQ Set-3|| 

Important HP History Question Answer In English Set-3

21. For how many years did the battle between Divodass and Shamber last described in Rig Veda ?

(a) 10 years

(b) 15 years

(c) 40 years

(d) None of these

22. Who was the main advisor of Aryan King Divodass?

(a) Sage Bhardwaj

(b) Panini

(c) Kapil Muni

 (d) Megsthanese

23. In the battle of Mahabharata, King Susharma who fought from the Kaurvas side is believed to be founder of an important dynasty of Himachal Pradesh. This dynasty is known by which name?

(a) Katoch

(b) Bhankotiva

(c) Pathania

(d) Kathwal

24. Which Katoch-dynasty King of Kangra participated in the battle of Mahabharata from the Kauravas side ?

(a) Jagat Chander 

(b) Suchendru

(c) Ganesh Chander

(d) Susharm Chander

25. The non-Aryan King Shamber of the state fought with which Aryan King a number of times? 

(a) Duvendra 

(b) Divodass

(c) Sashank 

(d) Prithu

26. In which region did the Pandavas spend their 12 years of exile ?

(a) Bilaspur

(b) Sirmaur

(c) Mahasu

(d) Kaja

27. Which was the second most ancient province of Himachal Pradesh ?

(a) Trigarta

(b) Bharmaur

(c) Kutlehar

(d) Kullut

28. Where did the Kulindas live permanently? 

(a) Kangra

(b) Kullu

(c) Kinnaur

(d) Shimla and Sirmaur

29. The second race to settle in Himachal Pradesh was:

(a) Kirat

(b) Aryan

(c) Mangol

(d) Khasa

30. The third race to enter into Himachal Pradesh from North-East was:

(a) Khasa

(b) Kirat

(c) Mangol

(d) Aryan

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