Mostly Asked HP GK Question Answer in HPPSC Shimla Exam Set-5

Mostly Asked HP GK Question Answer in HPPSC Shimla Exam Set-5

 || Mostly Asked HP GK Question Answer in HPPSC Shimla  Exam Set-5|| Mostly Asked HP GK Question Answer in HPPSC Shimla  Exam Set-5||

Mostly Asked HP GK Question Answer in HPPSC Shimla Exam Set-5

41.Which of the following is the oldest of all hill states (after Kashmir) in the Western Himalayas believed to be founded by Pradhyuman?





42.The British who introduced western schools in the hills and for the purpose he collected funds from local rulers and opened a central school at Shimla, was – 

A.William Hay 

B.Charles Napier 

C.Mr. Edwards 

D.Daniel Wilson

43.The first passenger train on Kalka-Shimla railway line was flagged off on – 

A.31st March, 1891 

B.09th November, 1903 

C.26th March, 1904 

D.11th December, 1905

44.Who amongst the following took initiative in forming the Shimla branch of Indian National Congress in 1914? 

A.Kedar Nath and Harish Chandra

 B.Madan Mohan Malviya and Lala Lajpat Rai 

C.Pt. Padam Dev and Bhagmal Sautha 

D.Dina Nath and Puran Mal

45.In the year 1830 who moved from England to set up the first brewery in India which produced the beer brand ‘Lion’ at Kasauli ? 

A.Edward Dyer 

B.Col. V.R. Mohan 

C.William Hay 

D.A.H. Francke

46.Deriving inspiration from the revolutionary activities of Punjab, in 1920 a secret society was formed in Sirmaur. Who was the leader of this society?

 A.Shivanand Ramaul 

B.Vaid Surat Singh 

 C.Chaudhry Sher Jung

D.Mian Chu-Chu

47.Before transfer in 1950, two villages namely ‘Sangog’ and ‘Bhatter’ were part of which State? 


B.Uttar Pradesh 


D.Jammu & Kashmir

48.During the Chief Commissioner’s rule the Secretariat of H.P. was called as – 

A.Prantiya Sabha 

B.Himachal Dham 


D.Himachal Prashasanik Karyalaya

49.: The Himachal Institute of Public Administration building ‘Fairlawn’ Shimla was constructed by – 

A.R. Dixon 

B.Nawab Muzaffar Ali Khan 

C.Henry Irwin 

D.H.S. Harrington

50.Himachal Non Gazetted Employees Federation was set up in which year? 


B 1948 



51.What was the voting percentage turnout in 2014 Lok Sabha election in H.P.? 





52.The first election to Municipal Government Shimla were held in the year – 





53.Who amongst the following notable persons have not contributed significantly to the cause of education in H.P.? 

A.Pandit Ram Saran 

B.Mr.N.C. Mehta 

C.Pratap Singh Negi 

D.Satya Nand Stokes

54.Which of the following pair is not correct as per the census of 2011 in terms of literacy rate? 

Literacy Percentage     District

A.Kangra -           85.67 percent 

B.Mandi -            81.53 percent 

C.Solan -            80.68 percent 

D.Hamirpur -        88.15 percent

55.The concept of opening Sainik Schools was originated in the mind of which of the following leader, on the basis of which one such school was opened in Sujanpur Tira in 1978? 

A.Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru 

B.V.K. Krishna Menon 

C.Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel 

D.Y.S. Parmar

56.Which of the sanctuary/national park consists of the upper catchment areas of the Tirthan, Sainj and Jiwa rivers?

 A.Pin Valley National Park 

B.The Great Himalayan National Park 

C.Simbalbara National Park 

D.Rupi Bhaba Sanctuary

57.Which of the rare migratory bird was spotted in the Pong Lake in Kangra Valley after the hiatus of 113 years in 2013? 

 A.Cheer Pheasant 

B.Whopper Swan 

C.Western Tragopan 

D.Koklous Pheasant

58.According to the twelfth five year plan document, Himachal Pradesh is ranked at which place in terms of ‘Human Development Index’? 





59.In September, 1833 to raise funds for setting up a school at Subathu for native girls a ‘fun fair’ was organised, which is known as the first recorded history of following – 

A.Geiety Theatre 


C.The Ridge 

D.Barnes Court

60.‘Chini’ was a favourite resort of which British Governor General / Viceroy? 

A.Lord Canning 

B.Lord Rippon 

C.Lord Dalhousie 

D.Lord Lawrance

61.Which village of H.P. is the highest in the world with a height of 4270 meters? 





62: The erstwhile Vice Regal Lodge which was built in 1884 during the period of Lord Dufferin was designed by – 

A.Henry Irwin 

B.S.S. Jacob 

C.H.F. Chesney 

D.Lockwood Kipling

63.The Monal pheasant is found on forest tracts of which of the following Himalayan slopes?

 A.Between 2000 and 3500 meters 

B.Between 350 and 1000 meters

 C.Between 1000 and 2000 meters 

D.Between 3500 and 4500 meters

64.Which of the following famous temple built in 1553 A.D. is also known as ‘Doongri Temple’? 

 A.Hatkoti Temple 

B.Hidimba Devi Temple 

C.Chaurasi Temple 

D.Bhima Kali Temple

65.What is the length of Pathankot – Jogindernagar railway line? 

A.96 Kms. 

B.121 Kms. 

C.113 Kms. 

D.100 Kms.

 66. Siul stream is a tributary or river

(A) Chenab

(B) Yamuna


D) Beas

67. What figure is found on the coins of Audumbara rulers

(A) Lotus

(B) Trident

(C) Peacoek

(D) Counch

68. Arrange the following authors who wrote about the Himalayan region in correct chronological order

(i) Ptolemy

(ii) Chandragomin

(iii) Panini

iv) Varahamihira

(A) (iii),(i), (ii), (iv)

(B) (i),(iii), (iv), (ii)

(C) (ii), (iv), (i), (iii)

(D)(i), (iv), (iii), (ii)

69.On the basin of which river is Dodra Kawar situated ?

(A) Pabbar

(B) Tons

(C) Yamuna

(D) Giri

70. What is the architectural style of Jawalamukhi Temple in Kangra District ?

(A) Flat-roofecd style

(B) Pagoda style

(C) Pent-roofed style

(D) Domed style

71. In which District of Himachal Pradesh is Surajtal lake ?

(A) Kullu

(B) Lahaul and Spiti

(C) Chamba

(D) Sirmaur

72. Which mountain range separates Sirmaur from Shimla ?

(A) Choor Chandni

(B) Chanshal

(C) Hattoo

D) Shali

73. Who founded the Guler state ?

(A) Karam Chand

(B) Hari Chand

(C) Rup Chand

(D) Prithvi Chand

74.Which ruler of Chamba defied Aurangzeb's order to demolish the Hindu temples in his state ?

(A) Jagat Singh

(B) Udai Singh

(C) Chatar Singh

(D) Prithvi Singh

75. Which village Panchayat in Kinnaur Distriet of Himachal Pradesh unanimously elected all women members only, during the December 2010-January 2011 elections ?

(A) Kamru

(B) Tapri

(C) Moorang

(D) Sangla

76. In which District of Himachal Pradesh is Uhal Hydroelectric Project located ?



(C) Shimla

(D) Kullu

77. According to 2011 Census which District of Himachal Pradesh has the highest sex ratio ?

(A) Sirmaur

(B) Kullu

(C) Chamba

D) Lahaul and Spiti

78. In which year was "Swarna Jayant Gram Swarozgar Yojana' launched in Himachal Pradesh ?

(A) 1994-1995

(B) 1999-2000

(C) 2004-2005

D) 2007-2008

79. Mukhya Mantri Bal Udhar Yojana' of Himachal Pradesh Government is restricted to children belonging to

(A) Scheduled caste families

(B) Scheduled tribe families

(C) BPL families

(D) Scheduled caste and Scheduled tribe families

80. To whom was Kangra bestowed as Jagir by Mughal emperor Akbar ?

(A) Todar Mal

(B) Birbal

(C) Bhagwan Dass

(D)Man Singh

81. Who commanded the Mughal forces which subdued Kangra fort in 1620 AD ?

(A) Shah Qulikhan

(B) Shaikh Farid

(C)Mirza Rustam Quandhari

D) Nawab Ali Khan

82. Who was the Chairman of joint meeting of Shimla Hill States Rulers and Praja Mandal representatives held in January 1948 at Solan ?

(A) Hira Singh Pal

(B) Bhaskara Nand

(C) Satya Dev Bushahri

(D) Durga Singh

83. Which was the main opposition group in the Himachal Pradesh Legislature during 1950s ?

(A) Lok Raj Party

(B) Swatantra Party

(C) Bharatiya Jana Sangh

D) Kisan Mazdoor Praja Party

84. Who headed the committee of Government of India which recommended the transfer of more subjects to the Territorial Council in 1962 ??

(A) M.C. Chagla

(B) Ashok K. Sen

(C) Lal Bahadur Shastri

(D) Hukam Singh

85. With whose assistance is the Himachal Pradesh Government organic farming and water harvesting project' being implemented ?

(A) Sweden

(B) Australia

(C) Japan


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