Taimur Invasion Of Kangra

 Taimur Invasion Of Kangra

|| Taimur Invasion Of Kangra|| Taimur Invasion Of Kangra In English||Timur Invasion Of Kangra||

Taimur Invasion Of Kangra

  • He was a Turk-Mongol conqueror and founder of the Timurid dynasty in central Asia. He was the grandfather of Ulag Beg and the great-great grandfather of Babur who was founder of Mughal or Timurid Empire in India.
  •  Taimur attacked India in 1398 AD during the reign of last Tughlaq ruler Mahmud Nassir -ud-din.
  • During this time Kangra ruler was Raja Megh Chand. A referen can be found about Nagarkot in Malfuzat-i-Taimuri. The account reveals that he attacked Shivalik states on his return journey in 1399 AD. He invaded Kiarda-dun valley of Sirmaur and Hindur (Nalagarh). That time Alam Chand was and the Raja of Hindur.

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