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General Science MCQ Question Answer Set-8


General Science MCQ Question Answer Set-8

|| General Science  Question Answer Set-8|| General Science MCQ  Set-8||

General Science MCQ Question Answer Set-8

71. In a water molecule, the ratio of mass of Hydrogen to the mass of Oxygen is always :

(a) 7:1

(b) 8:1

(c) 1:7

(d) 1:8

72. The formula C₂H₁4 respresents the hydrocarbon .......

(a) Hexene 

(b) Hexane 

(c) Hexyne

 (d) Heptyne

73. Which of the following solution is the most acidic among them all?

(a) Solution with pH value 0

(b) Solution with pH value 1

(c) Solution with pH value 6

(d) Solution with pH value 7

74. Work done by a passenger standing on a platform holding a suitcase weighing 10 kg is :

(a) 100 J 

(b) 0 J

(c) 98 J

 (d) 980 J

75. By how many atomic mass units do subsequent members of homologous series differ ?

(a) 26

 (b) 32

(c) 20

(d) 14

76. Which type of reproduction allows for greater variation to be generated ?

(a) Binary fission

(b) Asexual reproduction

(c) Multiple fission

(d) Sexual reproduction

77. What is the upward force exerted by water called ?

(a) Gravitation


(c) Buoyant force

(d) Friction

78. What will be the acceleration produced when a force of 21 N is applied on an object of mass 3 kg ?

(a) 0.007 ms-²

(b) 0.7 ms-²

(c) 7 ms-²

(d) 70 ms-²

79. The sensation of sound persists in the human brain for about:

(a) 1 sec

 (b) 0.2 sec 

(c) 0.1 sec

 (d) 0.5 sec

80.____is a part of the male reproductive system in plants.

(a) Style 

(b) Stigma

 (c) Ovary

 (d) Stamen

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