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Important HP History Question Answer In English Set-5

Important HP History Question Answer In English Set-5

||Important HP History Question Answer Set-5||Important HP History MCQ Set-5||

Important HP History Question Answer In English Set-5

41. The fort of Kangra was snatched and looted in the year____ by Mahmud Gaznavi?

(a) 1009 A.D. 

(b) 1008 A.D.

(c) 1007 A.D.

(d) 1005 A.D.

42. Who among the following looted Nagarkot (Kangra) in 1009 A.D.?

(a) Muhammad Gauri

(b) Mahmud Gazanavi

(c) Nadir Shah

(d) Ahmed Shah Abdali

43. Why was the Hindu King Jaipal of Shahiya dynasty forced to a disrespectful treaty with the ruler of Gazni, Subuktgin ?

(a) Due to rebellion of one of his soldiers

(b) Due to death of his son

(c) Due to scarcity of money

(d) Due to snow storm

44. Which temple of Kangra was destroyed by the army of Mahmud Gaznavi?

(a) Mahakali

(b) Chamunda

(c) Brajeshwari

 (d) Jwalamukhi

45. Who was the ruler of Chamba at the time of invasion of Muhammad Gauri?

(a) Vijay Verman

(b) Prithvi Verman

(c) Jasata Verman

 (d) Sahib Verman

46. Who was the King of Kangra at the time of invasion by Mahmud Gaznavi in 1009 A.D.?

(a) Deep Chand

(b) Jagdish Chand

(c) Lakshman Chand

(d) Shri Chand

47. When the son of Firozshah Tughluq Nasiruddin was forced to desert by his cousin brothers after removing him from power around 1387, then where did he take asylum? Find the correct answer using codes:

(i) In the hills of Sirmaur

(ii) In the fort of Kangra

(iii) In the fort of Malaun


(a) Only (i) is correct

(b) Only (ii) is correct

(c) Only (iii) is correct

(d) Both (i) and (ii) are correct

48. Who was the king of Kangra at the time of invading Kangra by Firozshah Tughluq?

(a) Parab Chand 

(b) Roop Chand

(c) Prithvi Chand

(d) Megh Chand

49. In the later half of the 14th Century, which Mughal emperor kept the fort of Nagarkot surrounded for six months and consequently forced its rulers to surrender?

(a) Alauddin Khilji

(b) Mahmud Gaznavi

(c) Aurangzeb

(d) Firozshah Tughluq

50. Which ruler of Nurpur was the contemporary of Sikander Lodi ?

(a) Takht Pal

(b) Bheel Pal

(c) Vas Dev

(d) Nag Pal

51. When did Muhammad-Bin-Tughluq won Kangra Durg? 

(a) 1737 A.D. 

(b) 1437 A.D.

(c) 1527 A.D. 

(d) 1337 A.D.

52. Who was the King of Kangra at the time of invasion by Muhammad Bin Tughluq (1337 A.D.)?

(a) Jai Chand 

(b) Shri Chand

(c) Prithvi Chand 

(d) Deep Chand

53. Which Muslim ruler occupied the fort of Kangra (Nagarkot) in 1337 A.D.?

(a) Muhammad Bin Tughluq

(b) Taimurlung

(c) Mahmud Gaznavi

(d) Muhammad Gauri

54. The 1300 Sanskrit books which were  translated into Persian by the permission of Firoz Shah Tughluq, were kept in which of the following temples ?

(a) Jwalamukhi

(b) Masroor

(c) Baijnath

(d) Trilokinath

55. In which year did Taimurlung invaded Kangra (Nagarkot)?

(a) 1375

(b) 1398

(c) 1401

(d) 1450

56. Who was the ruler of Handur (Nalagarh) at the time of invasion (1398 A.D.) by Taimurlung?

(a) Roop Chand 

(b) Alam Chand

(c) Hari Singh

(d) Shri Chand

57. Which ruler of Nurpur was contemporary of Alauddin Khilji?

(a) Jagatpal

(b) Jaspal

(c) Bheelpal

(d) Kiratpal

58. The princes of hilly provinces of Punjab which were hostage in Mughal Court, were believed to have given the title of 'Miyan' by which ruler?

(a) Akbar

(b) Jahangir

(c) Shah Jahan 

(d) Aurangzeb

59. Which King of Kangra organized all the hilly chiefs from Jammu to Kangra against Akbar in 1588-89 A.D.?

(a) Vidhi Chander

(b) Trilok Chander

(c) Jai Chand

(d) Bheem Chand

60. Which miracle forced Mughal emperor Akbar to return the gold coins as royal revenue from Jamlu?

(a) The extraordinary movement of royal palaces

(b) Falling of electricity from clean sky

(c) Covering of Agra city by Ice fall

(d) Stopping of appetite of all the members of the royal family

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