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Mandi District GK Question Answer In English

Mandi District GK Question Answer In English

Mandi District GK Question Answer In English

1. Miyan Jimpu is related to the period of which king ?

Answer-Siddhsen (Mandi)

2. Mandi was made district on

Answer-April 15, 1948

3. The boundary of how many districts touches Mandi district ?


4. Which place of Mandi is as good as heaven for the hiking loving people for its peaceful ways? 


5. For how many years Sansar Chand kept the king Ishwari Sen of Mandi in captivation ?

Answer-For 12 years

6. At which place Sukhdev Vatika is situated ? 

Answer-Sundernagar (Mandi)

7. The last ruler of Suket Province was

Answer-Lakshman Sen 

8. Lalit Sen (Former MP) was related to which province? 

Answer-Suket Province

9. The last king of Suket Province was Lakshman Sen. Who was the last king of Mandi Province?

Answer -Joginder Sen

10. Chail-Chowk is situated in the district


11. Who led the anti-corruption movement in Mandi Province in 1909 A.D. ?

Answer-Shobha Ram

12. Which king of Mandi Province rejected the demand of more tax collection of Maharaja Ranjit Singh? 

Answer-Balbir Sen

13. Ishwar Sen was defeated by Sansar Chand in 1792, was in imprisonment in Nadaun for 12 years.

Answer-Amar Singh Thapa got freed in 1804

14. Balichowki, Baldwada, Joginder Nagar, Sunder Nagar, Mandi, Sarkaghat, Chachyot are situated in


15. Dharampur, Gopalpur, Drung, Thunag, Chailchowk are situated in

Answer -Mandi

16. By which name member of Ghadar Party got famous ?

Answer-Swami Krishnanand 

17. The two people who were hanged to death in Nagchala Docoity Incident by the British

Answer-Surjan and Nidhan Singh Chaggha 

18. Member of Ghadar Party who was given death sentence for involvement in Lahore Conspiracy 

Answer- Hirdaya Ram

19. Which district had maximum contribution in National Freedom Movement ?


20. The leader of Mandi to rebel against British

Answer -Hardey of Ghadar Party

21. Who was the leader of Anti Begar Custom (Mandi) Movement ?

Answer:-Shoba Ram

22. The hand behind Mandi Conspiracy  (1914-15) was of

Answer-Ghadar Party

23. Bahusen, the descendant of Veer Sen established which province at Mangalaur?

Answer-Mandi Province

24. In which district, the rain god Pashukot is worshipped?


25. Who invaded Mandi in 1794 ?

Answer-King Sansar Chand

26. In which year first Legislative Council was established in Mandi Province ?

Answer-1939 A.D.

27. In which year dispensary was opened in Baned (Sunder Nagar)?

Answer:--1880 A.D. (By King Dusht Nikandan)

28. Who built King Edward Hospital in Baned in 1910?

Answer:-Bheem Sen

29. Polytechnic Institute in Mandi is  situated in

Answer-Sunder Nagar

30. Which king of Mandi got killed the ruler of Bangahal, Prithipal?

Answer-Siddh Sen

31. Pada Jeevanand was an officer of which state ?


32. Which leader of Mandi Province was given sentence in Lahore Conspiracy?

Answer-Hirdaya Ram

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