History of District Solan

History of District Solan

||History of District Solan||History of  Solan Distt||History of District Solan In English|| 

History of District Solan

The district is bounded by Shimla district in the north, Ropar district of Punjab and Ambala of Haryana in the south, by Sirmaur district in the east, Bilaspur district in the west. Mandi district touches the boundary of Solan in the north-East. Part of Keonthal and Koti and hilly areas of composite Punjao. were merged with Himachal on 1st November 1966 and later became part of Solan district.


||History of District Solan||History of  Solan Distt||History of District Solan In English||

Erstwhile princely states of district Solan: 

  • Baghat: The founder of ruling family is said to be "Basant Pal" or Hari Pal. He settled at a place which he named Basantpur and at present it is called "Bassi" near temple "Jiaonaji". 
  •  Rana Mahendra singh:  During twelve years of Gurkhas rules, Rana remained undisturbed because he was an ally of the Bilaspur Raja who invited Gurkhas. Rana died without male successor in 1839. 
  • Vijay Singh: He gain throne in 1842. He also died without male issue and state was annexed by Britishers under Dalhousie's "Doctrine of Lapse".
  • Umed Singh: He was cousin of Vijay Singh. He claimed for lost kingdom which was accepted in 1862 on the recommendation of Lord Canning. 
  •  Durga Singh: He was Rana of Baghat from 1911 to 1948. He was elected member of the Chamber of Princes in 1933. The Kasauli Pargana, on which stands the existing cantonment was taken over by Britishers from in 1942.

  •  It was founded by "Ajay Dev" who came from Ujjain. He came and settled in village Sairi. The earlier capital of state was Damras which was later on shifted by his son Nand Dev from Damras to Darla. 
  • Rana Sabha Chand: He made "Arki" the capital of the state in 1643.
  •  Mehr Chand: He was patron of painters. The main characteristic of these paintings is the 'Aquiline nose' which is generic feature in Arki family. 
  • Rana Jagat Singh (1778-1829): During his reign Arki became headquarters of Gurkhas where they fought against Britishers and Sikhs forces.
  •  Rajender Singh: He was last Raja of state from 1945 to 1948. 
Kunihar :-

This state was founded by Abho Deo who came from Jammu in 1154 AD. Rana Hardeo Singh was last Raja from 1905 to 1948.


  •  It was founded by Suraj Chand. 
  • At the time of Gurkha invasion, Kuthar was tributary to Keonthal and ruled by Rana Gopal Chand. 
  • Mehlog: It was founded by Bir Chand or Hari Chand. 
  • Beja: It was founded by Raja Dhal Chand. 
Mangal :-

  • Mangal state was lying on the bank of Satluj near Bilaspur. It was founded by Attri Rajput, who was in service with Raja of Kahlur. The state acquired its name from the name of Mangal Singh, the son of the founder Raja. 
  •  On 15th April, Mangal was merged with Arki and became part of Himachal Pradesh.
 Nalagarh or Hindur :-

  • It was founded by Ajit Chand who was younger brother of Ajay Chand who succeeded to the throne of Kahlur (Bilaspur) state. 
  • Vijay Chand: At the time of his father's death he was only four month old and Rani took control over the administration and supressed the revolt of Kanets successfully.
  •  Laxman Chand: Ascended the throne at the age of eleven.
  • Alam Chand: During his reign in 1398 Taimur Lang invaded India. He raided Delhi, Meerut, Haridwar, Kiar-Da-Doon and then reached to Hindur, Raja Alam Chand extended full help to the invader.
  • Raja Narayan Chand (1477-1522 AD): Raja of Nurpur proposed his daughter's marriage with the Raja of Hindur, which he refused to accept. Later on Nurpur Raja got his daughter married to the Raja of Kahlur and provoked him to attack Hindur. It was then "Satgarh Fort" was occupied by the Kahlur. 
  • Ram Chand (1572-68 AD): He was great lover of architecture. He built the fort of Ramgarh and made Ramshahr as summer capital. When Kalian Chand came to power in Bilaspur in 1630. He built a fort on the border of Hindur, which caused battle in which Raja of Hindur was killed. Rani along with her infant throwing herself on Kalian Chand protection. 
  • Raj Ram Saran (1788-1848 AD):  He was in alliance with Sansar Chand of Kangra, helped him during Gurkha's attack. Raja of Kahlur and Gurkhas jointly broke Ram Saran's power. He lost Ramshahr and started residing at "Palasi" till the British force under Ochterlony attacked Gurkhas near "Malaon fort". Gurkhas commander Bhakti Thapa was slained. 
  • Raja Surender singh: He was last Raja from 1946 to 1948. During his reign on 2nd May 1948. "Kalsia" and "Nalagarh" states were merged with eastern Punjab states. On 15th July 1948 Nalagarh was merged with PEPSU. Finally in 1966 Nalagarh was merged with Himachal Pradesh and became part of Solan district.
||History of District Solan||History of  Solan Distt||History of District Solan In English||

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