Daily GK Topic:- 10 April 2023

   Daily GK Topic:- 10 April 2023

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Post Date:- 10 April 2023

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Daily GK Topic:- 10 April 2023

Gujjar Tribes in Himachal Pradesh

  Gujjars: Gujjars constitute a significant proportion of the total population in the state. In general, they keep cattle, sheeps, goats and buffaloes. The major concentration of Gujjars is Nurpur, Deragop√≠pur, Una, Hamirpur, Bilaspur, Nalagarh, Sarahan, Nahan and Paonta. The Gujjars practise a traditional pattern, moving up in the alpine pastures during summer and coming down to the undulating slopes of the Shivaliks during winters. These people, lead a pastoral life, depending almost entirely upon their herds of buffaloes for a living. 

                                                    The Gujjar men are recognised by typical turban and beard. The Gujjar women wear kurta and churidar pyjama like the Muslim women of Kashmir. While Gujjars graze buffaloes, arrange the fodder and look after their cattle, their womenfolk milch the cattle, prepare butter, ghee, etc. Healthy, stout, well-built and industrious, Gujjars are known for walking for long distances. They are called the masters of uninhabited routes through the jungles. The houses of the Gujjars are locally known as Kothas and Bandis. It is generally a mud house against the slope of the hillock. The walls are devoid of the any ventilation except the presence of a small entry door. In one of the walls there is a small hole, which is the only outlet for all types of gases and smoke. The shelter, though unhygienic, protects them and their cattle from severe cold. The Gujjars have no art beyond traditional tribal songs and the simple tribal pattern, which they weave into their clothes. Although they live on the products produced by their livestock, yet some of them cultivate maize on the slopes in the narrow valleys with spades and hoe. The assets and resources vital to them are pasture lands, migration routes and water resources. These resources and assets are owned commonly by the community and families and maintained collectively. They have subsistence type of economy and try to produce everything they need in their daily lives.

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