Daily HP GK Important Question Answer In English Set-36


Daily HP GK Important Question Answer In English Set-36

||Daily Himachal GK Important Question Answer in English Set-36||Daily Himachal  GK Important Question Answer in english Set-36||

Daily HP GK Important Question Answer In English Set-36

483. Which sage killed king Janmatapi ?

Answer:-Sage Vashishth

484. Capital of Trigart


485. In Vedie Period the resident of H.P. was known as

Answer-Das, Dasyu, Nishad

486.Ghatotkach was son of

Answer:-Bheem and Hidimba

487. As per Mahabharata Kangra was made from Kalgarh on the basis of cut ears of which devil?

Answer -Jalandhar devil

488. The name of the scholar believing Jalandhar, killed by Vishnu as Shamber devil of Vedic Period is

Answer-Rahul Sanskrityayan

489. The founder of Puru state


490. By which name Kalindi, originating from Kalind mountain region of Kulindas is called? 

Answer-Yamuna river

491. Gabdika Janpada

Answer-is related to Gaddis of Chamba

492. What was the name of ruler of Kullu by whose popularity Wasundra started being called as Prithvi?


493. Who was the ruler born in 23rd generation of Bheem Chand who was on Kaurvas' side in Mahabharata?


494. The first king of Katoch dynasty of Kangra Bhumichand was born from


495. Sarahan was capital of which legendary king?


496. How many forts were there with Dasyuraj Shamber?

Answer -99 forts

497. As per Mahabharata Audumbras were descendants of

Answer -Vishwamitra

498. During Indus Valley Civilization which ancient tribe used to live? 


499. On the bank of which river, Alexander, the great built seven stupas which are witness of his India campaign?

Answer-Vyas (Hipesis)

500. What was name of the commander who stopped Alexander, the great from moving forward for India victory?


501. At which place of H.P. Ashoka built some stupas ?

Answer-Valley of Kullut

502. In-between his India invasion what was the reason to return to his native country without crossing the Beas river by Alexander, the great ?

Answer-Stopped by the Astrologers

503. Ashoka sent which monk to H.P. for preaching Buddhism?


504. What was done by Alexander, the great for the identification of last point of India victory?

Answer:-He built 12 altars of square stones of 50 cubic height on the upper bank of Beas river

505. In which century, Sumudragupta took into his occupation the newly  constituted states of H.P. ?

Answer:-4th Century

505. In which year Samudragupta sent challenge to native rulers of H.P. to accept his sovereignty? 

Answer-340 A.D.

506. Which Gupta king sent challenge to kings of H.P. to accept his sovereignty or to fight?


507. According to Chinese traveller Hwen Tsang, whose rule was there over Kullu in 500 A.D.? 

Answer-Vihangmani Pal

508. According to Farishta, by which king of Kannauj the defeating of king of Nagarkot is told? 


509. Which Huna ruler made the life helter-skelter in India including H.P. in 500 A.D.?


510. Who defeated Mihirkul (Huna) who was called, Atila of India, in 520 A.D. after which he became king of Kashmir by cheating after deserting?


520. With whom Gurjars relation is associated ?.


521.The word Thakur is a word of Yuv-te- Tokhri tribe who were basically residents of

Answer-Aral sea

522. According to Hwen Tsang, how many miles was the circumference of Kullu ?

Answer-75 miles

523. At the time of invasion of Mahmud Gaznavi in 1001 A.D., he had encounter with which Hindu ruler?


524. Which invader invaded on Kangra in 1009 A.D. and destroyed temples?

Answer-Mahmud Gaznavi 

||Daily Himachal GK Important Question Answer in English Set-36||Daily Himachal  GK Important Question Answer in english Set-36||

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