Daily HP GK Important Question Answer In English Set-37

Daily HP GK Important Question Answer In English Set-37

||Daily Himachal GK Important Question Answer in English Set-37||Daily Himachal  GK Important Question Answer in english Set-37||

Daily HP GK Important Question Answer In English Set-37

525. Who was the Afghan emperor to defeat king Jaipal in 1001 ?

Answer-Mahmud Gaznavi

526. Mahmud Gaznavi invaded which fort of H.P. in 1009 A.D. ?

Answer-Nagarkot (Kangra)

527. Who was the ruler of Nagarkot at the time of invasian of Mahmud Gaznavi in 1009 A.D.?

Answer-Jai Chand (Jagdish Chand)

528. Who was first Sultan of Gazni who started encroaching in jurisdiction of Hindu Shahiya dynasty in the end of the 10th Century ? 


529. In the end of the 14th Century who was the Muslim invader to invade Kangra ? 

Answer-Firozshah Tughluq

530. Which king of Kangra went on compaign around 1360 A.D. and almost won Delhi? 

Answer-Roop Chand

531. In which year Taimurlung destroyed the temples of Kangra by invading it?

Answer-1398-99 A.D. 

532. Who was the Muslim poet who translated the Sanskrit books kept in Jwalamukhi Temple into Persian in the reign of Firozshah Tughluq?

Answer-Aajjuddin Khalid Khani

533. Firozshah Tughluq took 130 Sanskrit scriptures for translation alongwith him from which temple of H.P. in 1365 A.D. ?

Answer-Jwalamukhi Temple

534. Which ruler after the occupation on Kangra took the Sanskrit books kept in Jwalamukhi temple for translation into Persian? 

Answer-Firozshah Tughluq

535. Taimur invaded Kangra in whose reign ?

Answer-Megh Chand

536. Which Katoch king after Firozshah Tughluq's surronding the Nagarkot Fort for six months surrendered in 1351 A.D.?

Answer-Rai Roop Chand 

537. Which Tughluq ruler won Nagarkot Fort in 1337 A.D., but lost it later?

Answer-Mohammad Bin Tughluq

538. Which Muslim courtier first of all described about Nagarkot?

Answer: -Utbi

539. Which king of Bushahar Province was conferred with title of Chhatrapati by Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb ?

Answer-Kehri Singh

540. Which native province of H.P. did not accept the hegemony of Emperor Akbar, however his army had occupied a big part of its territory?

Answer -Kangra

541. Which Mughal emperor built mosque in the fort of Nagarkot in 1620 A.D.?


542. First hilly chief who after the death of Aurangzeb and the disintegration of Mughal Empire again established his hegemony over his ancestoral jurisdiction Kangra ?

Answer-King Ghamand Chand

543. As an indicator of acceptance of his hegemony other than taking yearly dauceur, which way was adopted by Akbar to ascertain the abiding by hilly provinces ?

Answer-Hostage in Mughal Court(especially keeping the sons or relatives of kings of hilly provinces)

544. Why king Ghamand Chand started expanding his state?

Answer-Due to death of Aurangzeb and downfall of Mughals

545. When did Ghamand Chand die?

Answer-1773 A.D.

546. Hussain Kuli Khan who was Subedar of Akbar of Punjab, lifted the surrounding of Nagarkot Fort due to which reason?

Answer-Due to rebellion of Ibrahim Hussain Mirza

547. Inspite of occupation over a major part of Kangra by Birbal (of Mughals), Nagarkot Fort was under whose occupation? 

Answer-King Vidhi Chand

548. How man hilly princes were given the name of 'Miyan' in Mughal Court?


549. At the time of Ghamand Chand whose occupation was there over Kangra Fort ?

Answer-Nawab Saif Ali Khan

550. With the help of which king Jahangir won Kangra Fort? 

Answer-Jagat Singh

551. At the time of Nuruddin, the name Nurpur was kept because

Answer-Shah Jahan's name being Nurudddin, Begum Nur Jahan's name, and meaning of Nur being a beautiful place

552. When did Jahangir and Nurjahar come to Kangra ?

Answer-1622 A.D.

553. Which king of Kangra was given title of Maharaj by Ahmedshah Abdali ?

Answer-Ghamand Chand

||Daily Himachal GK Important Question Answer in English Set-37||Daily Himachal  GK Important Question Answer in english Set-37||

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