Education Psychology & Pedagogy MCQ Set-6


Education Psychology & Pedagogy MCQ Set-6

||Education Psychology & Pedagogy MCQ Set-6||Education Psychology & Pedagogy Question Answer Set-6||

Education Psychology & Pedagogy MCQ Set-6

56. What was the name of the guru of the first Sultan, Qutbuddin Aibak?

(a) Qutbuddin Aibak

(b) Qutbuddin Bakhtiyar

(c) Qutbuddin Bakhtiyar Kaki

(d) Sher Moinuddin Chisti

57. How was the Islamic education for women during the medieval age?

(a) High standard

(b) Medium standard

(c) Low standard

(d) None of these

58. Which among the following was the nature of teacher education during the Muslim period?

(a) Formal

(b) Informal

(c) Intellectual

(d) Institutional

59. In which kind of development of a child, education plays the maximum role?

(a) Social development

(b) All round development

(c) Mental development

(d) Ethical development

60. What is important for the all round development of a child?

(a) Religious education

(b) Religious Programme

(c) Religious knowledge

(d) Sports, dance, and theatre

61. With what kind of information can the syllabus be made more useful in India?

(a) Local information

(b) Geography of India

(c) History of India

(d) Culture of India

62. Which among the following officers had established Calcutta Madrasa in 1781?

(a) Lord Hastings

(b) Warren Hastings

(c) Lord Clive

(d) Lord Wellesley

63. Who among the following was the founder of Benaras Hindu College?

(a) Arthur Duncan

(b) William Jones

(c) Charles Wilkinson

(d) Saint John

64. Who established Fort William College in Kolkata in 1800?

(a) Lord Willington

(b) Lord Wellesley

(c) Lord Wilkinson

(d) William Jones

65. In the Charter Act of India, 1813, how much money was allocated for the education in India?

(a) 1 Lakh

(b) 2 Lakh

(c) 3 Lakh

(d) 4 Lakh

66. By which name is the Extensive Education Program presented by the British government in 1854?

(a) Charter

(b) Magna Carta

(c) Minutes

(d) Convention

67. By which name was the vernacular schools run by the British administration known as?

(a) Anglo School

(b) Vernacular school

(c) Seminary School 

(d) Missionary School

68. In which year was Kolkata Hindu College established?

(a) 1816

(b) 1817

(c) 1818

(d) 1819

69. At which place was the first Sanskrit College opened in the British India?

(a) Benaras

(b) Kolkata

(c) Agra

(d) All the above

70. What officer was Charles Wood among the following?

(a) Board of Control

(b) Court of Ward

(c) Court of Director

(d) None of the above

71. Who among the following is considered the father of English medium education in India?

(a) Charles Wood

(b) Lord Macaulay

(c) Lord Dalhousie

(d) Lord Lytton

72. From which year was the medium of education in India made English?

(a) 1935

(b) 1940

(c) 1940

(d) 1947

73. During the period of which Governor General the system of English education began in India?

(a) Lord Dalhousie 

(b) Lord Bentinck

(c) Lord Ripon

(d) Lord Lytton

74. In which year was the Charter of Education in India started?

(a) 1853

(b) 1855

(c) 1856

(d) 1857

75. Who among the following is the British educationist related to Magna Carta of Indian education?

(a) James Princep

(b) Lord Macaulay

(c) Charles Wood

(d) Charles Napier

76. Which university was established in 1857 on the basis of Woods dispatch?

(a) Kolkata University 

(b) Mumbai University

(c) Madras University 

(d) All the above

77. On the recommendation of which educational recommendation was elementary school, high school, and inter college university established for the first time in India?

(a) Woods dispatch

(b) Sadler dispatch

(c) Hertog dispatch 

(d) None of the above

78. Which among the following educational system had maximum expansion in British India?

(a) Gurukul education 

(b) Madrasa education

(c) Missionary education 

(d) Seminary education

79. Major drawback of woods dispatch, magna carta of Indian education was what among the following?

(a) Loss of public education

(b) Reduction in literacy

(c) Discouragement of Vernacular education

(d) All the above

80. Which among the following commissions made the first effort at commercialization of education in India?

(a) Hunter Commission

(b) University Commission

(c) Sadler Commission

(d) None of the above

||Education Psychology & Pedagogy MCQ Set-6||Education Psychology & Pedagogy Question Answer Set-6||

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