Solved GK Question Asked In HP High Court JOA IT Exam 2023

Solved GK Question Asked In HP High Court JOA IT Exam 2023

 ||Solved GK Question Asked In HP High Court JOA IT Exam 2023||Solved GK Question Asked In HP High Court JOA IT Exam 08 April 2023 PDF||

Solved GK Question Asked In HP High Court Exam 2023

1. Which of the following is not a land locked country of  Europe?

 A. Hungary 

B. Kosovo 

C. Czech Republic 

D. Spain 

2. Which among the following countries has the longest coastline in the world? 

A. Canada 

B. Sweden

 C. Indonesia 

D. Malaysia  

3. Consider the following statements:

 1. The Great Himalayan range separates the drainage of Satluj from Beas. 

2. Zanskar range separates Shimla and Kinnaur from Tibet. Which of the above statement(s) is/are correct? 

A. 1 only 

B. 2 only 

C. 1 and 2 only

 D. None of the above

4. By what name did the Greek scholar called the rriver Sutlej?

 A. Jagti 

B. Sutudri 

C. Muksang 

D. Hesidros 

 5. Consider the following statements:

 1. In the centre of a grassy meadow surrounded by cedar forest, a small lake called kund it situated.

 2. This lake lies in a depression formed by ancient glaciation. 

3. A Nag temple is also located here. 

The above statements are describing which of the following lakes of Himachal Pradesh? 

A. Rewalsar lake 

B. Ghadasaru lake 

C. Khajjiar lake 

D. Lama dal lake

6. The 'Muktijoddha Scholarship scheme' is provided to the students of which country, by the Government of India?

 A. Nepal

 B. Bangladesh

 C. Sri Lanka 

D. Myanmar 1

 7. The famous Bolan Pass is situated in 

A. India 

B. Pakistan 

C. Afghanistan 

D. Russia

8. Liz Truss was named as the Prime Minister of which country?

 A. France 

B. Australia 

C. United Kingdom 

D. Germany 

9. Which Country Awards The Nobel Prizes 

A. Norway 

B. Belgium 

C. Germany 

D. Sweden 

10. Which is the biggest island in the Indian Ocean? 

A. Madagascar 

B. Greenland 

C. Sumatra 

D. Baffin Island 

11. Which is the lowermost layer of the earth's atmosphere? 

A. Lithosphere

 B. Troposphere

 C. Thermosphere 

D. Exosphere 

12. What is the Arabic term traditionally referred to Valley?

 A. Lahar 

B. Loo 

C. Wadi 

D. Koppie

13. Which among the following peaks is also known as Sagarmatha? 

A. K2 

B. Kangchenjunga 

C. Mt. Kailash

 D. Mt. Everest

14. Which pass connects Arunachal Pradesh with Myanmar? 

A. Bom Di La 

B. Dihang Pass 

C. Jelep La 

D. Khardung La 

15. In which state of India is the Gulf of Kutch located?

 A. Rajasthan 

B. Maharashtra

 C. Goa

 D. Gujarat 

16. Which Indian State is connected to Sri Lanka by the The Ram Setu?

A. Tamil Nadu 

B. Kerala 

C. Karnataka 

D. Andhra Pradesh

17. Which state government has announced to celebrate September 17 as 'National Unity Day'?

 A. Kerala 

B. Telangana 

C. Bihar 

D. Odisha 

18. Which of the following ladies wrote an historical account during the Mughal period? 

A. Gulbadan Begum 

B. Noorjahan Begum 

C. Jahanara Begum 

D. Zebun-nissah Begum 

19. Which State shares its international border with Bangladesh and Myanmar 

A. Assam 

B. Meghalaya 

C. Tripura

 D. Mizoram

20. Humayun Nama was written by which of the following authors

A. Humayun 

B. Khwand Amir 

C. Gulbadan Beghum 

D. Abu Faza

21. SPARK is a Studentship program recently launched in which field?

 A. Architecture 

B. Literature 

C. Ayurveda 

D. Virology 

22. What is the new name of the 'Raj Path', the iconic avenue in New Delhi? 

A. Atmanirbhar Path

 B. Kartavya Path

 C. Vikas Path 

D. Jan Path 

23. Which of the following is not a classical dance of India? 

A. Kathak 

B. Sattriya 

C. Manipuri 

D. Bhangra 

24. Which one is the oldest football competition in India? 

A. Santosh Trophy 

B. Durand Cup 

C. BC Roy Trophy

D.Federation Cup

25. Which among the following is the oldest surviving rock-cut cave in India?

 A. Bagh Caves 

B. Ellora Caves

 C. Uday Giri Caves

 D. Barabar Caves 

26. At which place in Kangra district of H.P. is Jakhni Devi Temple 

A. Haripur

 B. Nurpur

 C. Shahpur

 D. Chandpur

27. Which ruler helped Jahangir invade the Kangra Fort in 1620 AD? 

A. Raja Raj Rup 

B. Raja Chattar Singh 

C. Raja Megh Singh 

D. Raja Jagat Singh 

28. Which of the following districts of Himachal Pradesh has the smallest area? 

A. Kangra 

B. Una 

C. Bilaspur 

D. Hamirpur 

 29. Who gave the title of "Pahari Gandhi" to Sh. Baba Kanshi Ram 

A. M.K. Gandhi 

B. Pt. J.L. Nehru 

C. Sarojini Naidu 

D. Rabindranath Tagore

30. Which is the oldest Hydro-electric project in Himachal Pradesh 

A. Baner 

B. Shanan 

C. Bhakhra 

D. Thirot 

31. Which Mughal Emperor ordered the demolition of all the temples in Chamba?

 A. Shahjahan 

B. Aurangzeb 

C. Babar

D. Muhammad Ghori

32. Who was the first Lieutenant Governor of Himachal Pradesh

A. Maj. Gen. Himmat Singh 

B. Mr.Bhagwan Sahai 

C. Mr. N.C. Mehta 

D. Mr. Kuldeep Narain Channa

 33. Nahauli Fair is celebrated in which district of H.P. 

A. Mandi 

B. Bilaspur 

C. Hamirpur 

D. Kinnaur 

34. Who founded the Nurpur princely state 

A. Pahari Pal 

B. Bas Pal 

C. Nag Pal 

D. Jeth Pal 

35. The words 'Satyameva Jayate' inscribed below the base plate of the emblem of India are taken from 

A. Rigveda

 B. Satpath Brahmana

 C. Mundak Upanishad

 D. Ramayana

36. First Durand Cup of Football was played at which place in 1888AD? 

A. Shimla 

B. Delhi 

C. Mumbai 

D. Chandigarh 

37. Which of the following areas are found in the middle Himalayas? 

A. Upper areas  the tehsils of Pachhad and Renuka in Sirmaur district 

 B. Karsog tehsil of Mandi district 

C. Palampur tehsil of Kangra district 

D. All of the above 

38. In which year was Mountaineering Institute set up near Manali

 A. 1961 

B. 1971 

C. 1978 

D. 1980

39. In 1994, Nelson Mandela became the first black president of

 A. South Africa 

B. India 

C. Sudan 

D. United States of America 

40. Which Himachali won Victoria cross during the First World War 

A. Bhandari Ram 

B. Jamadar Lala 

C. Somnath Sharma 

D. Dhan Singh Thapa

41. Where is the famous Lutru Mahadev Temple? 

A. Bilaspur 

B. Nauni 

C. Arki 

D. Ghumarwin

42. In which month is 'Sair festival' celebrated 

A. January 

B. March 

C. August 

D. September

43. "Minjar" fair is celebrated in which district of Himachal Pradesh 

A. Shimla

 B. Kangra 

C. Chamba 

D. Kullu 

44. Match List 1 and List 2 and choose the correct answer .


 A. Deepak taal (LAKES)

 B. Servalsar (LAKES) 

C. Nil sar (LAKES) 

D. Kiur Dal . .


1) Kullu (DISTRICT) 

2) Mandi (DISTRICT) 

3) Chamba (DISTRICT) 

4) Lahaul Spiti

 A. A-2, B-3, C-4, D-1 

B. A-1, B-2, C-3, D-4 

C. A-4, B-1, C-2, D-3 

D. A-2, B-4, C-3, D-1

45. The Rath Yatra at Puri is celebrated in honour of which Hindu deity 

A. Ram 

B. Jaganath 

C. Shiva 

D. Vishnu

46. USA has decided to withdraw all American troops from which country?

 A. Iran 

B. Iraq 

C. Ukraine 

D. Afghanistan

47. Which country is set to register Himalayan pink salt as Geographical Indications (GI)?

 A. India

 B. Pakistan 

C. Nepal 

D. Bangladesh

 ||Solved GK Question Asked In HP High Court Exam 2023||Solved GK Question Asked In HP High Court Exam 08 April 2023 PDF||

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