Solved HP High Court Protocol Officer Question Paper 2023

 Solved HP High Court Protocol Officer Question Paper Held On 08 April 2023

||Solved HP High Court Protocol Officer Question Paper Held On 08 April 2023||Solved HP High Court Protocol Officer Previous Year Question Paper Held On 08 April 2023 PDF||

Solved HP High Court Protocol Officer Question Paper Held On 08 April 2023

1. Financial intelligence Unit (FIU) has imposed penalty on which payment gateway major, for violating anti-money laundering law? 


B. PayPal 

C. RazorPay 

D. American Express 

2. The 'Muktijoddha Scholarship scheme' is provided to the students of which country, by the Government of India? 

A. Nepal 

B. Bangladesh 

C. Sri Lanka 

D. Myanmar 

3. The coastal areas of which of the following oceans are called "ring of fire" 

A. Atlantic Ocean 

B.Pacific Ocean 

C. Indian Ocean 

D. None of the above

4. The famous Bolan Pass is situated in

A. India 

B. Pakistan 

C. Afghanistan

D. Russia 

5. Which two countries are separated by the McMahon Line 

A. India and Pakistan

 B. India and China 

C. India and Bangladesh 

D. Tibet and China 

6. "Ho Chi Minh" city is located in


B. Laos 

C. Cambodia 

D. Thailand 

7. Which Country Awards The Nobel Prize 

A. Norway 

B. Belgium 

C. Germany 


8. Which one is the highest mountain of Europe? 

A. Mount Everest 

B.Mount Elbrus 

C. Mount Kilimanjaro 

D. Mount McKinley 

9. In 1994, Nelson Mandela became the first black president of 

A.South Africa 

B. India 

C. Sudan 

D. United States of America 

10. During World War II, when did Germany attack France?

A. 1940 

B. 1941 

C. 1942

D. 1943 

11. Hitler was the dictator of which country 

A. Russia 

B. Egypt

C. France

 D. Germany

12. The United States of America adopted a democratic constitution in______

A. 1932 


C. 1877 

D. 2000 

13. Which of the following option is an incorrect pair? 

A. Ranji Trophy - Cricket 

B. Burdwan Trophy - Weightlifting 

C.Dhyan Chand Trophy - Football 

D. Thomas Cup - Badminton 

14. Which of the following states shares border with China? 

A. West Bengal 

B. Himachal Pradesh 

C. Nagaland 

D. Uttar Pradesh

15. The Grand Canyon located in which country? 

A. Canada 

B. Bolivia 

C. Ghana 


16. With reference to the demography of india, 'onge', 'sentinelese', 'shompen' are the tribes found in 

A. Lakshadweep Islands 

B.Andaman And Nicobar Islands 

C. Nilgiri Hills 

D. Spiti Valley 

17. Which Indian State is connected to Sri Lanka by the The Ram Setu 

A.Tamil Nadu 

B. Kerala 

C. Karnataka 

D. Andhra Pradesh. 

18. Which State shares its international border with Bangladesh and Myanmar? 

A .Assam 

B. Meghalaya 

C. Tripura 

D. Mizoram

19. The Chilika Lake is located in 

A. West Bengal 


C. Kerala 

D. Tamil Nadu 

20. The words 'Satyameva Jayate' inscribed below the base plate of the emblem of India are taken from 

A. Rigveda 

B. Satpath Brahmana 

C.Mundak Upanishad 

D. Ramayana 

21. Which of the following folk dance forms is associated with Gujarat? 

A. Nautanki 

B Garba 

C. Kathakali 

D. Bhangra

22. The Rath Yatra at Puri is celebrated in honour of which Hindu deity

A. Shri Ram

B Shri Jaganath

C. Shiva

D. Vishnu

23. The Holy book of Parsis is

A. Torah


C.Zend Avesta

D. Gita

24. Who is known as the "Flying Sikh"?

A. Budhia Singh

B. Nitendra Singh Rawat

C.Milkha Singh

D. Fauja Singh

25. Which one is the oldest football competition in India?

A. Santosh Trophy

B. Durand Cup

C. BC Roy Trophy

D. Federation Cup

||Solved HP High Court Protocol Officer Question Paper Held On 08 April 2023||Solved HP High Court Protocol Officer Previous Year Question Paper Held On 08 April 2023 PDF||

26. Which one among these is the oldest football club in India

A. Mohun Bagan A.C

B. East Bengal FC

C. Mohammedan S C

D. Mahindra United

27. Which disease affects the lung?

A. Allergy

B. Tuberculosis

C. Tetanus

D. Cancer

28. Which of the following is used in pencils?


B. Silicon

C. Charcoal

D. Phosphorous

29. Among the following, the gas which is usually filled in the electric bulb

A Nitrogen

B. Hydrogen

C. Carbon Dioxide

D. Oxygen

30. The naturally occurring hardest substance available on earth is

A. Gold

B. Iron


D. Platinum

31. Who among the following was the 23rd Jain Tirthankara?

A. Nemi Natha

B. Mahavira


D. Malinath

32. In the Mauryan empire, the post Devatadhyaksha is related to -

A. Store House

B. Crown Lands

C. Customs

D.Religious Institutions

33. How many States in India have Legislative Council (Vidhan parishad)


B. 8

C. 11

D. 12

34. What was the basis of the reorganization of states in India in the year 1956

A. Religion

B. Caste 


D. None of the above

35. In which of the following states, Garo, Khasi and Jaintia hills are located

A. Jammu and Kashmir

B. Manipur


D.Arunachal Pradesh.

36. Under the Directive Principles of State Policy, up to what age of children they expected to be provided free and compulsory education

A.14 years

B.15 years

C. 16 years

D. 18 years

37. Lakshadweep is a group of how many islands

A. 22

B. 26

C. 32

D 36

38. What is the Indian state famous for boating activities on its backwaters?

A .Kerala

B. Karnataka

C. Jammu and Kashmir

D. Odisha

39. Who was the first Chief Justice of India?

A. Mehr Chand Mahajan

B. K. Sarkar

C.Harilal J. Kania

D. S. R. Das

40. A person appointed as a judge of the Supreme Court, before entering upon his Office, has to make and subscribe an oath or affirmation before

A. Vice President

B. President, or some person appointed by him

C.Chief Justice of India

DNone of the Above

41. Which ruler helped Jahangir invade the Kangra Fort in 1620 AD?

A. Raja Raj Rup

B. Raja Chattar Singh

C. Raja Megh Singh

D.Raja Jagat Singh

42. Which of the following rivers does not flow through Himachal Pradesh?

A. Ganga

B. Yamuna

C. Chenab

D. Ravi

43. 'Manikaran hot water springs' are present in which district of Himachal Pradesh?

A. Kullu

B. Mandi

C. Shimla

D. Hamirpur

44. Which of the following districts of himachal pradesh has the smallest area?

A. Kangra

B. Una

C. Bilaspur

D. Hamirpur

45. Which Mughal Emperor ordered the demolition of all the temples in Chamba?

A. Shahjahan

B. Aurangzeb

C. Babar

D. Muhammad Ghori

46. 'Kais' wild-life sanctuary is located is which district of H.P.?

A. Chamba

B. Kinnaur


D. Mandi

47. Kunzum' pass is located in which district of H.P.?

A. Kullu

B. Lahaul and Spiti

C. Chamba

D. Kangra

48. Nahauli Fair is celebrated in which district of H.P.?

A. Mandi

B. Bilaspur

C. Hamirpur

D. Kinnaur

49. 'Losar' is a festival of which religious community in H.P.?

A. Hindu

B. Muslim

C. Jain

D. Buddhist

50. 'Mohana' is the favourable folk song of-

A. Kangra

B. Shimla

C. Mandi

D. Bilaspur

51. Name the group dances of the state-

A. Nati

B. Keyang

C. Bakeyang

D. All of these are correct

52. Who started the Shivratri fair of Mandi (at purani Mandi)?

A. Keshav sen

B.Sham sen

C. Yudhbir seen

D. Ajbar sen

53. 'Chaurasi' area is famous in the district:

A. Chamba

B. Kullu

C. Mandi

D. Kangra

54. The local deity of Malana village on Kullu is Jamlu Devta, and is personified as

A.Rishi Jamadagini

B.Rishi Vashishth

C. Rishi Vyas

D. Rishi Sringi

55. Where is Lutru Mahadev temple?

A. Swarghat

B. Shalaghat

C. Kunihar

D. Arki

56. Pahari languages of Himachal Pradesh are very close to

A. Hindi and Rajasthani

B. Punjabi

C. Dogri of Jammu

D. All of these

57. Which hospital was founded in 1885 A.D. at Shimla?

A.Rippon Hospital

B. Snowden Hospital

C. Sanitorium Hospital

D. Christian Hospital

58. First Durand Cup of Football was played at which place in 1888AD?


B. Delhi

C. Mumbai

D. Chandigarh

59. Name the youngest girl to climb Mount Everest from Himachal Pradesh in the year 1993?

A. Deepu Sharma

B.Dicky Dolma

C. Suman Rawat

D. Santosh Yadav

60. In which district of Himachal Pradesh is the Chail Cricket Stadium located?

A. Kinnaur

B. Solan

C. Lahaul-Spiti

D. Chamba

61. The Great Khali' belongs to which district of Himachal Pradesh?

A. Kinnaur

B. Solan


D. Shimla

62. Which pair is wrong?

A. Chamba-Chougan

B. Mandi-Paddal

C. Shimla-Annadale


63. Who has control over the Gumma and Drang salt mines in the Mandi district of the state?

A., Private sector

B.Central Government

C. State Government

D. Foreign company

64. Oil and Natural Gas Commission (ONGC) drilled At which place in Himachal for the possibility of natural gas availability?


B. Bhagsu

C. Kharli

D. Dharamkot

65. What was meant by 'Begar Praya' prevalent in Himachal Pradesh and some other states?

A. Unemployment

B. Forced work without paying wages

C. Bonded wages

D. Ownership of the plowman's land

||Solved HP High Court Protocol Officer Question Paper Held On 08 April 2023||Solved HP High Court Protocol Officer Previous Year Question Paper Held On 08 April 2023 PDF||

66. ACC Factory is located here?

A. Rajban

B. Baramana

C. Darlaghat

D. Alsindi

67. Chief Justice of Himachal Pradesh High

A. Justice Sabina

B. Justice V.Ramasubramanian

C. Justice Ravi Malimath

D. Justice Mohammad Rafiq

68. Before 1966, Una tehsil was a part of which district?

A. Hoshiarpur

B. Pathankot

C. Nangal

D. Amritsar

69. Who among the following scientists had discovered Radium?

A.Marie Sklodowska-Curie and Pierre Curie

B.André-Louis Debierne

C. Kasimir Fajans

D. Oswald Helmuth Göhring

70. Which is the most populous city of Himachal Pradesh?

A. Shimla

B. Solan

C. Sundernagar

D. Mandi

71. If AIRLINE is written as ENILRIA7, then RAILWAY will be written as -





72. Which number is wrong in the series 2, 6, 15, 31, 56, 93?

A. 6

B. 31

C. 56

D. 93

73. What will be the next number in the series 13, 17, 19, 23, 29, .......?

A. 31

B. 33

C. 35

D. 37

74. If PINK is coded as 1691411, then RED will be coded as -

A. 1963

B. 1854

C. 1853

D. 1954

75. Which of the following is the odd one from the given alternatives?


B. Diving

C. Swimming

D. Sailing

76. Which of the following is the odd number from the given alternatives?

A. 26


C. 123

D. 171

77. Marathon is to race as hibernation is to -

A. winter

B. summer


D. bear

78. Which of the following set of letters complete the letter series, when sequentially placed atthe gaps?

bca _ b _ aabc_a_caa

A. ccab

B. bcbb

C. acab

D. cbab

79. Raman says "Anuj's mother is the only daughter of my mother." How is Anuj related to Raman?

A. Brother

B. Nephew

C. Father

D. None of the above

80. Looking at the portrait of a man, Mohan said, "His mother is the wife of my father's son and I have no brother and sister." at whose portrait was Mohan looking?

A. His sister

B. His son

C. His cousin

D. His nephew

81. What will be the missing letters in the series BKK, DMM, FOO,____, JSS?


6. HQQ


D. None of the above

82. Yard is to inch as quart is to

A. gallon


C. milk

D. liquid

83. Statements: In a one day cricket match, the total runs made by a team were 200. Out of these 160 runs were made by spinners.


1-80% of the team consists of spinners.

II - The opening batsmen were spinners.

A.Only conclusion I follows

B. Only conclusion II follows

C. Either I or Il follows

D. Neither I nor II follows

ANSWER:-Both A & D

84. B2CD,.______BCD4, B5CD, BC6D



C. B2C3D


85. Question: In which year was Rahul born?


1. Rahul at present is 25 years younger to his mother.

II. Rahul's brother, who was born in 1964, is 35 years younger to his mother.

A. I alone is sufficient while II alone is not sufficient

B. II alone is sufficient while I alone is not sufficient

C. Either I or II is sufficient

D. Both I and II are sufficient

86. Question: How much was the total sale of the company?

Statements :

I. The company sold 8000 units of product A each costing Rs. 25.

II. This company has no other product line.

A. I alone is sufficient while II alone is not sufficient

B. Il alone is sufficient while I alone is not sufficient

C. Either I or II is sufficient

D. Both I and II are sufficient

87. Question: Among T, V, B, E and C, who is the third from the top when arranged in the descending order of their weights ?


I. B is heavier than T and C and is less heavier than V who is not the heaviest.

II. C is heavier than only T.

A. I alone is sufficient while II alone is not sufficient

B. II alone is sufficient while I alone is not sufficient

C. Either I or II is sufficient

D. Neither I nor II is sufficient

88. A and B are brothers. C and D are sisters. A's son is D's brother. How is B related to C?

A. Father

B. Brother

C. Uncle

D. Grandfather

89. A is son of C while C and Q are the sisters to one another. Z is the mother of Q. If P is the son of Z, Which one of the following statements is correct?

A. Q is the grandfather of A

B. P is the maternal uncle of A

C.P is the cousin of A

D. Z is the brother of C

90. A man walks 1 km to East and then he turns to South and walks 5 km. Again he turns to East and walks 2 km. After this he turns to North and walks 9 km. Now, how far is he from his starting point?

A. 3 km

B.4 km

C. 5 km

D. 7 km

91.Computers operates essentially by counting

A Port computer

B. Hygrid computer

C. Analog computer

D. Digital computer

92. To prevent the loss of data during power failures, use an:

A. Encryption program.

B. Surge protector.

C. Firewall.


93. What is the most common tool used to restrict access to a computer system?

A. User logins

B. Passwords

C. Computer keys

D. Access-control software

94. The computer abbreviation KB usually means

A. Key Block

B. Kernel Boot

C. Kilo Byte

D. Kit Bit

95. Which of the following does not store data permanently?



C. Floppy Disk

D. Hard Disk

96. Which of the following is not a binary number?

A. 001



D. 110

97........... is the process of dividing the disk into tracks and sectors.

A. Tracking

B. Formatting

C. Crashing

D. Allotting

98. A DVD is an example of

A. hard disk

B. optical disc

C. output device

D. solid-state storage device

99..................are used to identify a user who returns to a Website

A. Cookies

B. Plug-ins

C. Scripts


100. Malicious software is known as:

A. Badware.

B. Malware.

C. Maliciousware.

D. Illegalware.

||Solved HP High Court Protocol Officer Question Paper Held On 08 April 2023||Solved HP High Court Protocol Officer Previous Year Question Paper Held On 08 April 2023 PDF||

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