Bilaspur District GK One Liner In English

Bilaspur District GK One Liner In English

||Bilaspur District GK One Liner In English||Bilaspur Distt GK One Liner In English||

Bilaspur District GK One Liner In English

  • Who founded the city of Bilaspur? -Deepchand Chandel (1654 AD)
  • In which district is the Beas Cave located? -Bilaspur
  • When did the 'C' category state Bilaspur merge with Himachal Pradesh? -1 July 1954
  • Bahadurgarh Fort was the summer capital of which king of Bilaspur? -Vijaychand
  • Which part 'C' state was merged with Himachal Pradesh on 1 July 1954? -Bilaspur
  • Which Indian princely state of Himachal Pradesh initially tried to maintain its independent existence when India's independence was declared in 1947? -Bilaspur
  • Which ruler of the erstwhile Bilaspur princely state was a staunch follower of Mahatma Gandhi? Anand Chand
  • King Veerchand, the founder of Bilaspur came from which region of central India to Himachal Pradesh in 900 AD? -Chanderi (Bundelkhand, Madhya Pradesh)
  • Who built the Rangmahal of Bilaspur in 1900 AD? -Vijaychand
  • Which city of Himachal Pradesh was called Beaspur in ancient times? -Bilaspur
  • Bachhretu Fort is located in which district of Himachal Pradesh? -Bilaspur
  • The "Guru ka Lahore" is located. -Bilaspur
  • Which district of Himachal Pradesh is bordered by Ropar (Rupnagar)? -Bilaspur
  • Barmana, Kandrour, Naina Devi, Shahtalai, Ghumarwin, Gehdvin, Jhanduta are located in -Bilaspur
  • 1948 (12 October) was the last king of Bilaspur and the first Chief Commissioner. -Raja Anand Chand.
  • Which building was constructed by Vijaychand of Bilaspur? -Rangmahal
  • When did the Bilaspur Praja Mandal start Satyagraha in Bilaspur? -in 1946 AD
  • Frightened by Sansar Chand's invasions, the hill kings, under whose chairmanship, the Gorkhas called for their help? The king of Kahlur (Mahan Chand)
  • What was the main objective of Swadhin Kahlur Dal? -Party established by the Kahlur king so that the freedom movement could be suppressed
  • When was Bilaspur Bank established? in 1944
  • In 1963, NCC unit was established. in Bilaspur
  • During the reign of which king of Bilaspur, Kahlur and other Shimla hill states came under the patronage of the Mughals? -Gyanchand


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