Daily HP GK Important Question Answer In English Set-39

Daily HP GK Important Question Answer In English Set-39

||Daily Himachal GK Important Question Answer in English Set-3||Daily Himachal  GK Important Question Answer in english Set-39||

Daily HP GK Important Question Answer In English Set-39

581. After the Lahore Treaty took place in 1846 what was the expectation of the rulers of provinces of H.P. from the British for supporting them against the Sikhs ?

Answer-The expectation of maintaining independent existence, good behaviour and getting their ancestoral rights recognised

582. Which British commander by defeating the Gorkhas in 1815 A.D forced them to sign the treaty of

Sugauli in 1815 A.D. ?

Answer-David Octerloni

583. The first commander to establish British power on the hilly provinces of H.P. by making the Gorkhas to desert

Answer-David Octerloni

584. Who was the governor-general of India at the time of the Britishoccupying Kangra, Guler, Jaswan.

Dattarpur, Nurpur, Suket, Mandi, Kullu and Chamba till 1846 A.D. ?

Answer-Lord Harding

585. In which year Queen Victoria declared herself as Empress of India ?

Answer-1876 A.D.

586. Where did Lord Dalhouzi take his summer headquarters after the shadow of Russia over Tibet?

Answer-Chini (Kalpa)

587. When Pramod Chand occupied Kangra by making the British Army to desert in 1848 A.D. then who declared independence ?

Answer-Ummed Singh of Jaswan (Una), Jagat Chand of Dattarpur, the Sikh saint Bedi Vikram Singh

588. When the Shimla hill states were under the British till then (1809 to 1846). Kangra, Kullu, Lahaul-Spiti were under the occupation of


589. What is Begar

Answer-To get the work done form the people without wages

590. What is Beth?

Answer-Service in lieu of land

591. Who raised voice first of all against the Begar custom in Shimla ?

Answer-Samuel Iwans Stokes

592. In which province of H.P. Prajamandal demanded the abolition of Begar custom in 1939? 

Answer-Dhami Province

593. Prajamandal put the proposal to abolish Begar custom in 1939 in which native province, as a result of which police fired on the excited crowd?

Answer-Dhami Province

594. In the first freedom struggie of 1857 AD whsch native province of H P did not cooperate with British rulers ? 

Answer:-Rampur Bushahar

595 Who was king of Kahlur at thc time of Uprising of 1857 AD

Answer--Hira Chand

596. From which place the Upnsing of  1857 was started ?

Answer-Kasauli Army Cantonment

597. Which patriot lcader of Kullu rebelled against the British in 1857 who was hanged along with his advisor Veer Singh ?

Answer-Pratap Singh

598. Subedar Bhcem Singh of Nasiri Army Batallion of Jatog was

Answer-Leader of 1857 Uprising

599. Who suppressed the 1857 Uprising in Shimla?

Answer-Deputy Commissioner William Hey

600. Who was hanged in Ambala for anti- national correspondence in 1857??

Answer-Ram Prasad Bairagi

601. Who was commander-in-chief of Shimla hill states of the time of 1857 Uprising?

Answer:-General Anson

602. At which place Pratap Singh and Veer Singh were hanged for promoting rebellion in Kullu region ?


603. When the ruler of Kyonthal was given the title of Raja' from Rana?

Answer-1857 A.D.

604. Which cantonments provided protection at the time of 1857 Upnsing in HP ?

Answer-Dagshai, Sabathu, and Kasauli Cantonments

605. How the mind of Mahatma Gandhi and Jawahar Lal Nehru got attracted towards HP in 1944??

Answer-By the plan of making Union by native Provinces 

606. Who was elected chairman in the conference of Himalayan Hill States Regional Council of August Septernber 1946? 

Answer-Y.S. Parmar

607. Who was chairman of Indian State Connittce established in 1927 A D.7

Answer-Sir Harcourt Butler

608. In which year the Himalayan Hill States Regional Council which played a main role in the constitution of HP as a state under the leadership of YS Parmar Was constituted? 

Answer-1946 A.D.

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